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At Least You Were Clean!

OK, here’s the thing Timothy Chapek, when breaking into a house don’t be taking no shower because the owner and his two German Shepherds may return home during the middle of it, forcing you to ring 911 because you’re scared he has a gun. Chapek had broken into the Portland home and was taking a shower (as you do) when the owner returned and confronted him. Quick thinking Chapek locked himself in the bathroom and rang 911 fearing the owner may a) set the dogs onto him or b) shoot him. Either way it was a lose/lose so he rang the cops for the trifecta!


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We’re Going To Be Charged To Use The Sun

You're owned!

Heavens to mergatroid, some lady in Spain has claimed ownership of the sun. Yes, our sun, the one we revolve around. Angeles Duran registered the star at a local notary public and now she’s the official owner. Hmm, and as owner she plans to slap a fee on everyone who uses the sun and give half the proceeds to the Spanish government , 20% to the nation’s pension fund, 10% to research, 10% to ending world hunger and the last 10% she’s keeping for herself. Good luck with that lady!

Psst Hmm, what’s the bet skin cancer victims will start suing her?


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Tycoon Dies After Riding His Segway Over A Cliff

Oh dear, multi millionaire Jimi Heselden, who just took over Segway (upright scooters) , has died after accidentally riding one of the machines over a cliff and into the River Wharfe. An investigation is underway to determine if it was human error or a faulty Segway that lead to Mr Heselden plunging from the cliff.


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Don’t Mind Her

Oh my, this shouldn’t happen in Notting Hill. A real estate agent showed prospective buyers around a £800,000 house while the owner lay dead on her sofa. Sheez, lucky no one noticed her changing color. The agent Samuel Allfort said he thought she was sleeping.


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Mom, Dad, Meet The Newest Member Of The Family!!!

Dude, you dropped the dog!!!!


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