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I Know It Looks Bad Officer But I Can Explain!

Step away from the car

Step away from the car

OK parents, wrapping your kid up like he was a piece of furniture is just asking for trouble.Anne and Harald Wellbrock from Neustadt, Germany, were trying to make a house move a little easier for their five year old son Stephan by playing “Your a piece of furniture” game. So they wrapped him in packing tape and put him in the back of the car. Unfortunately people who witnessed “the game” thought the child was being kidnapped and rang police. As the Wellbrock family went on their merry way with the youngster wriggling around in the back the armed police were preparing for a kidnap rescue mission. The parents had a lot of explaining to do when they were eventually pulled over and the gun toting police removed a now terrified Stephan from the car still wrapped in packing tape.


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