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Do It Yourself Pain Management

knife3What do you do when doctors won’t fix your sore hand? Build yourself a backyard guillotine and chop it off that’s what. A British guy who had the most friggin intolerable nerve pain for 16 years decided to fix the problem by chopping his hand off after doctors failed to do it. Unfortunately the home made chopping device didn’t cut so cleanly and he had to hack the rest off with a knife. To guarantee the doctors wouldn’t stitch his hand back he built a bonfire and threw it in. After recovering in hospital he discovered, much to his torment, the pain was still there. Bummer. He is now threatening to chop the arm off at the elbow if they can’t find the cause. No Loons, he has been psychologically tested and he isn’t imagining the pain.


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Nymphomaniac Makes A Man Cry

A man in Germany was found crying his little heart out on the streets after he had spent 36 hours with a nymphomaniac. The poor man begged for help, saying he couldn’t walk.  Hmm, show some balls man!  The notorious nympho, who had been arrested before for forcing a random into continual sex, tried to convince the two arresting policemen to have a quickie before being taken away.


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25 Years Of Pain Explained

What do we have here?

OMG, a Swedish man has had a 2 inch wooden stick removed from his bowel. Creepy thing is, doctors who removed the object say it was probably accidentally left there after Ove Sohlberg had stomach ulcer surgery 25 years ago. Over the years Sohlberg has been admitted to hospital more than 100 times complaining about the pain but no one had been able to detect the cause.


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