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Stupid Is As Stupid Does

monkey 2OMG, a pair of bungling burglars who cut themselves on broken glass while ransacking a gym came up with an ingenious idea . After having wrecked the place they returned a short time later with white paint to cover over their blood. Hmm, a nice shade of pink. But anywho, the fools had no idea their antics were being recorded on CCTV footage.

Psst Welsh


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Moral of the Story

When driving with multiple five-gallon buckets of latex paint on the backseat, you need to take extra care or ….

Driver covered in paint after car accident

Psst Washington

Want sauce with that?


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Incredible Hulk EPIC Fail

OK, here’s the thing Enrique dos Santos, do not and I repeat, do not, paint yourself with green paint used on nuclear submarines, that shit don’t come off!!!!The Hulk fan thought it would be a hoot to paint himself green and prance around like his fav super hero .. that was until he took a shower and it wouldn’t come off. Just to make the humiliation complete, when the Brazilian papers printed the story they incorrectly named his mother as his girlfriend.

Psst Hell yeah, there are photos….. Click here and here.


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Seattle Space Needle Gets A Facelift

Happy 50th Seattle Space Needle and just to show you we care, you are getting a new paint job. Hope you like Galaxy Gold cause that’s what you are getting. Slow news day people!!!!


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Orange Alligator Alert


No people, no, the orange alligator seen sunning itself around the canals of South Florida does not have a bizarre skin pigment prob. No siree, experts say it’s been covered in orange paint.


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Would You Like Cadmium With That?

Hey psst Loons, if you happened to have got yourself a McDonald’s Shrek drinking glass, you might want to throw it away. Not that any of you would, but just in case! Evidently 13.4 million of them have been recalled due to the toxic metal cadmium found in the paint design. You know, the crap that shrivels your kidneys and makes your bones soften. No not the food silly, the friggin paint, stay with me here. Anywho, got one, get rid of it!

Psst Loons of Australia, Asia  and Europe you can ignore this public service announcement, it’s only the US and Canada who have fallen foul of the tainted paint.


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