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Now There’s A Painting From Hell

HitlerAnyone interested in purchasing a painting my Adolph Hitler? Yep, the Nazi painted, who knew? (actually I do recall reading about it in history class, but that was a looooong time ago). Anywho,if anyone wants some bad karma hanging off their wall, “The Old Town Hall” is up for grabs at a Nuremburg auction house next month.


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Jesus on a Drop Sheet

He’s back. Yes, Jesus has made an appearance on a drop sheet. The owner had been using the cloth for painting for 4 years before he noticed the image.

Jesus appears on a drop sheet


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Damn You Reporter

I know how it feels!!!!

Remember that Renoir painting bought at a Virginian flea market by a woman for $7 that was going up for auction? Hmm, well about that. Seems some nosy reporter from The Washington Post did some Sherlocking and discovered it had been stolen from a Baltimore museum over 60 years ago, so now the auction is a no go . Bummer, I hope she gets her 7 bucks back.


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Guide To Steaing Art In New York

I’ve been there!!!

How do you steal a Salvador Dali painting from a  New York art gallery? Hmm , well it seems all you have to do is stroll in, pretend you’re a customer, take it off the wall, put it in your large paper bag and walk out. Viola, you are now the proud owner of the $150,000 painting Cartel de Don Juan Tenorio . Now what?


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Friggin Fingerpainting My Ass!!!

Hey Bearman, can you do that with your fingers? Check out what artist David Kassan can create on his iPad using the brushes app. I can’t even do that on my etch-a-sketch!


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