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Anyone Missing 3000 Pairs of Undies?

Hey Bearman,  you know anything about this? Seems someone has discarded 3,000 pairs of new and used panties along a roadside in Ohio.


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Get A Whiff Of This!

Anyone hoping to buying the Queen’s USED undies prior to Prince Will’s wedding will be sorely disappointed. The auction house who are selling the bloomers have decided to hold off the sale until after the royal wedding. Hmm, they say “Out of respect and courtesy for a person of such dignity and rank”. Yep, because selling someone’s used knickers is so respectful. The unmentionables were accidentally left on a plane during Queen Elizabeth’s trip to Chile in 1968 where they were quickly scooped up and handed to Miami playboy named Baron Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi.


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Attention Perverts And People With Panty Fetishes

Dude, just throw them away!

Can the person who left a bag of clean and dirty women’s undies in a bush at Beacon Hill Park contact the man who found it before his wife returns home, thanks. Some dude posted an ad in Craigslist looking for the person who misplaced a bag of 216  used women’s knickers. The poor guy can only keep them until Sunday because that’s when his wife returns home from an overseas trip. Hmm, OK, if they do belong to you and there ain’t no way in hell you want to show your face, the man says he will leave them at the corner of Dallas Road and Government Street next to a fire hydrant.

Want sauce with that?


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