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Last Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel

yellow-ribbon2Rest in peace Faole Bokoi, the last ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel’. During World War II, when Australian troops fought in the rough terrain of Papua New Guinea against the invading Japanese, a group of locals, known affectionately as the Fuzzy Wuzzies, helped the Aussie soldiers defend their country. One of their most selfless acts was to carry wounded Aussie soldiers out of the harsh terrain of the Kokoda Track to hospitals . The legend of the ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels’ came to light when soldiers began sending poems and letters to their families back home mentioning the Angels.



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Honey, I Think He Likes You!

You can have her!!!!

Note to self, when going on a journey to a remote village in Papua New Guinea make sure you pack an arrow proof vest or you could be spending a great deal of time pulling friggin arrows out of your chest. Don’t believe me? Well just ask New Zealander Matt Scheurich who got pinged with a few of them after a Febi tribesman got the hots for his French girlfriend and wanted to marry her.Fortunately they had an emergency beacon that alerted a missionary air service and flew the injured couple to safety. Mr Scheurish had two arrows removed from his chest.

Want sauce with that?


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So You Didn’t Get Very Far

Hold your horses testing them bones people, a plane has been discovered near Papua New Guinea and it looks an awfully lot like Amelia Earhart’s Electra. The rust and coral covered plane is in about 250ft of water on a reef near Buka Island, some 800 miles from the main land. Hmm, for 74 years search parties have been searching 2,500 miles away, near Howland Island, where last radio communication with Earhart was received. A diving team is currently being set up to yah or nah the find. Meanwhile tests on finger bone fragments found on Nikumaroro Island have proved inconclusive to belonging to the famed aviator.

Psst Local divers claim there is gold bullion on the plane but a 20ft poisonous sea snake has thwarted attempts to retrieve it. Hmm, a bazooka should fix that!

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Thank You Papua New Guinea

Nice work!

A big shout out to our neighboring country Papua New Guinea for donating $4 million dollars to Queensland’s flood victims  and Western Australia’s fire victims. Bravo. Despite Australia donating hundreds of millions of dollars a year to the country PNG’s Acting Prime Minister Sam Abal said…. “We are truly sorry and our hearts are with you at this time of great tragedy. Australia’s steadfast generosity and charity must and should be returned whenever the need arises. This monetary token is our response to the need our Australian friends face,”

Psst To understand the enormity of this gesture many people in Papua New Guinea  live in extreme poverty, with about one third of their population living on less than US$1.25 per day.



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Boy Gang Raped By Pack Of Women

Here’s something you don’t read about everyday, a Papua New Guinea teen (17) was allegedly gang raped by 10 knife wielding women. Yes loons, desperate women. The schoolboy was minding his own beeswax when they ambushed him. It is believed four of them had sex with him . Hmm, how does that work? Anywho, the poor kid is now in hospital sweating over the AID’s test.


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It’s Fuzzy Wuzzy Day

Raphael Oimbari helps George "Dick" Whittington.

Slowly but surely the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels are being fully recognized for their heroic efforts during WWII. Affectionately referred to as Fuzzy Wuzzies  by the Australian soldiers (because of their hair), these brave Paupua New Guinea villagers were instrumental in carrying sick and wounded diggers out of the rugged terrain of Kokoda during World War II. One Aussie digger said of them …“They carried stretchers over seemingly impassable barriers, with the patient reasonably comfortable. The care they give to the patient is magnificent. If night finds the stretcher still on the track, they will find a level spot and build a shelter over the patient. They will make him as comfortable as possible fetch him water and feed him if food is available, regardless of their own needs. They sleep four each side of the stretcher and if the patient moves or requires any attention during the night, this is given instantly. These were the deeds of the ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels’ – for us!”

It is also noted that not one injured soldier was ever abandoned by the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels even when under heavy fire from the enemy. It has long been a travesty that it took the Australian Government until 2008 to recognize these brave men for their courage and bravery.
Today  Papua New Guinea is celebrating “Fuzzy Wuzzy Day” with 6 Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels to receive special honour of Australia medallions.



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Just When You Thought It Was Safe

A meter long you say?

Oh for crying out loud as if Queensland doesn’t have enough evil wildlife to keep them paranoid and nervous they now have to fear “Fishzilla” the meter long blood thirsty fish.The fish, also known as snakehead, can breathe out of water and friggin walk on land!Holy crap! The nasty creature can be found in Papua New Guinea but fears are mounting that they could find their way to the Australian coast. Hmm, wonder if they like eating Cane Toads? Anywho, the other pest authorities are concerned about is the climbing perch, this little sucker uses its pectoral fins to move across land and climb trees. Simply wonderful.


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Judgement Day

Hero alert. If you want something done properly, do it yourself. That’s exactly what Justice Graham Ellis did when he got no joy from the buck passing government authorities in Papua New Guinea. He and his staff donned on their rubber gloves and gum boots,armed themselves with  buckets and a hose and got down on all fours and began scrubbing 5 condemned police cells and toilets in Wabag. Chief Inspector Martin Lakari and the police department looked on in horror and embarrassment as the respected judge scrubbed away. They felt even more ashamed when Justice Ellis  and his staff refused their help. The filthy police cell blocks were condemned in 2006 as being unfit for human occupation and since then there has been much ado about nothing in rectifying the problem. Enter Justice Ellis and his staff. Bravo.


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Friggin Hand Grenade

Oh dear, a Papua New Guinea policewoman and a bank robber have been blown to kingdom come after he accidentally detonated a hand grenade.  Pawa Moni had been a fugitive for nearly two years when he was caught in the Western Highlands. Unfortunately the police failed to search him properly and when he tried to escape from the police car ,while holding the grenade, the pin came out.Kaboom! Three other policemen were injured in the explosion!

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Mass Prison Breakout During Rugby

Everybody panic!

Everybody panic!

WTF. Fifty four Papua New Guinea prisoners have escaped. WTF, because prison wardens at the Bomana Correctional Institution  near Port Moresby are on strike over a pay dispute. WTF, it took several hours for anyone to realise they had gone AWOL. WTF, most of  the police couldn’t respond anyways because they were working at the friggin rugby league match involving the Australian Prime Minister’s XIII. WTF, 50 are still on the loose!  WTF!


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