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Human Poop Fertilizer Fears

Vicious circle!

Ah shit, Sydney has a suspected breakout of  Third World parasites caused by human feces being used as fertilizer on farms. A spike in the number of people suffering from a stomach bug called Blastocystis hominis has raised alarm bells in the medical community fearing the nasty parasites are here and living in our food supplies. Yep, that’s the same nasties found in  Third World water supplies. Doctors believe the source could be coming from the Sydney Water Biosolids Strategy, which turns 180,000 tonnes of human waste (each year) into fertilizer (biosolids) and is then sent to  farms to plonk on their crops. More frightening is that there is no independent inquiry into the monitoring of this practice nor does there seem to be anyone thoroughly testing the soil on these farms. Hmm, might explain why Switzerland and Austria have banned the practice and Germany and Sweden refuse to sell products treated with the shit biosolids.

Want sauce with that?


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Like The Customers Didn’t know?

Honey , sweetie, darl, that meat you are selling is past its used by date by a friggin decade! Italian police have arrested a Naples butcher after food inspectors discovered he had tampered with expiry dates on his products. Some of the meat and food he was selling was over 10 years old. Yes, you heard me, over 10 friggin years old.  Among his delights, the inspectors found worm infested meat and parasite covered pasta and biscuits . Hmm, it’s amore!


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