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Definition of father-in-law from hell?

A father who kill’s his son’s bride , her parents and 4 guests following the wedding. Awks. Seems he didn’t like his son’s choice.


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Cheating On A Whole New Level

India has taken cheating to a whole new level after  up to 1,600 students were expelled in Bihara thanks to their parent  scaling the  walls and hanging off the school building to pass cheat sheets to their kids during an important exam.

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Parents Explaining Sex To Their Kids

Could it be more awkward …


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One Man’s Junk Is A Country’s National Treasure

Henry VIIISomeone is going to be really pissed when they realise the old wooden bed they dumped in a hotel car park in Chester is worth about 20 million pounds and is now one of the most valuable pieces of furniture in British history. The bed, which was recently sold at auction for £2,200, belonged to none other than Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Haven’t got a clue who they were? They were Henry VIII’s parents, which means it is highly likely the serial widower and Catholic church meddler was conceived in it.

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Judge Lets Rich Kid Off After He Killed 4 People

wise monkeysJust a few words to the judge in Texas who spared a teenage kid jail time after he killed 4 innocent people while drink driving because ” his rich parents never taught him about consequences” ….neither have you lady!!!! What have you taught him by letting him off? RIP youth pastor Brian Jennings; mother and daughter Hollie and Shelby Boyles; and 24-year-old Breanna Mitchell . The 16 year old and a group of mates had STOLEN alcohol, downed it (with valium) and then all jumped into the teen’s truck before speeding around the neighborhood without seatbelts. The truck  ploughed into the four pedestrians flinging them 50m, the truck flipped and crashed into a tree seriously injuring two of his mates who are both now paralysed (one who can only blink his eyes).  Really judge, really? 10 years probation? Hmm, now if it was a “poor  black” kid whose parents had “never taught him consequences” would the same sentence be given?

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Joy Ride Gets Ugly

Finally got to use this Deb!

Oh come on people, can’t a drunk man have a little fun with his kids? An Indiana man has been charged with neglect after he used a tow strap to tie four  kids to the hood of his car before driving them a few blocks down the road. Hello, neglect would be NOT tying them, sheez!!!! The kids aged 4, 5, 6 and 7 were unharmed. While he defended his actions by saying they enjoyed it, police were none too happy, especially after he blew a .17, which is twice Indiana’s blood alcohol limit.The mother of three of the kids was also in the car and drunk as a skunk.

Psst Big shout out to Bill for finding this great yarn.

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Facebook Photo Fail

Ok, one more time people, do not and I repeat do not, duct tape your baby and toddler then post the pics on Facebook. That’s a defriending and arrest right there. The Arizona couple not only bound their little snowflakes by the hands and wrists they put the tape over their mouths and hung one of them upside-down on a piece of exercise equipment before taking photos and posting them. One of the Almuina’s friends then dobbed them into police. The Almunias told the cops they were just joking! Hmm, I bet the kids have a different version.


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Honey, I Don’t Think This Is Part Of The Nativity Play

Oh for crying out loud you parents. When attending a nativity play at your kid’s school, just sit down and friggin watch. Sheez, none of this male macho biting off fingers crap, thanks. Seems two male parents got into a fight during the Harton Primary School Christmas play, resulting in one man biting off the other man’s finger. A witness said “One bit the finger off the other and spat the blood out like an animal.” It’s the season to be jolly,  fa lalalala lala la la.

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What Were You Thinking?

Ok, here’s the thing parents of 14 year old arrested in Bali, do not and I repeat DO NOT make frigging media deals before your son is free. For crying out loud, how many times must you be told, Indonesia doesn’t like this sort of behavior . Don’t believe me? well just ask Schapelle Corby! Urgh, the parents Have evidently sold the story for $200,000 following a bidding war between rival TV networks.


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Teen Uses Courts To Stop Arranged Marriage

Bravo young lady. A 16 year old girl in Australia secretly snuck off to court and begged to be placed on an airport watch list because her parents were planning to take her to Lebanon for an arranged marriage. The terrified teen not only didn’t want to get married to a man she had met once but was also scared senseless of her parents finding out she had taken legal action. The judge has now ordered the parents to surrender her passport and  not to harass, threaten or intimidate her.

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