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Fans of Parallel Parking

Bad enough just having to parallel park let alone having to contend with a drunken mob of footy fans cheering you on.


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I Demand a Recount

Apparently, and I use the term loosely, women are worse at parking than men. I know, it must me wrong. It seems a third of all the women who failed their driving test last year did so because they sucked at parallel parking. One of the main excuses was that their breasts made it more difficut to turn around while parking. Fair call!


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I Hate It When This Happens

Maybe you should just get out of the friggin car?

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Flare Up

You might want to think twice about parking your motorcycle outside the front of someones house in Buffalo, they might just shoot you with a flare gun. Mark Smith found out the hard way when he parked his bike outside the front of his neighbors house. The neighbor came rushing out of his house and kicked over the motorcycle before whipping the flare gun from the waistband of his PJ’s and shot Mr Smith twice in the chest. The crazed neighbor then chased Mr Smith into his backyard before firing another flare into his right eye. No word on the condition of Mr Smith who is now in hospital.


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Jet Ski Parking Fail

It seemed like a good idea at the time….


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