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Free Willy

Lets get the party started

Lets get the party started

Attention male loons, if you have a small willy you are cordially invited to the “Big Small Penis” party in London. The party is to celebrate those of you who are not well endowed. The get together has been organised by poet Ant Smith who penned “Crooked Little Finger” (an ode to his weeny willy). Women will be allowed to attend for a small donation (no pun intended) and the dudes will be charged 77 pence per inch. Cheap night.


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Here, Kitty, Kitty …

Blahahah fooled ya!

Yeah, about that friendly grey cat that showed up at a neighborhood bonfire party last weekend that everyone was patting before it bit a guy on the ankle. Turns out it was a grey fox with rabies. Awkward.


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Party Rocking With Kim Jong Il

Dear Leader maybe have left the building but the house is still rocking …

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Mutton ……

Good grief, Joan Collins has made quite an exit from the Vanity Fair post Oscar party by being carted away in an ambulance. Hmm, seems the former Dynasty star wore a very tight dress and fainted. Sheez, how tight does a dress have to be for a 77 year old to collapse? Sure she wasn’t gushing over Justin Bieber?


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Flaming Beauty

What’s hotter than a model in a spa at a Sean “Diddy” Combs party? A model with her hair alight in a spa at Sean “Diddy” Combs party. Puff Daddy indeed.  The woman accidentally leaned back into a burning candle and whoosh, a Jacksonesque moment. Usher, Fabolous, Chris Brown and Trey Songz were among the guests who witnessed the incident. I’m assuming the woman was OK.

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Touchy Subject?

OK here’s the thing guys, don’t be telling a girl she has stinky feet, that’s a stabbing. It’s alleged Amber Smith deliberately stabbed a man after  he had teased her  at a party. The incident happened  after she failed to complete a backflip off a deck and then attempted to rub her socks in his face. Oh boy, that’s when he told her she had smelly feet. Yikes!  As she was leaving she picked up a steak knife and plunged it into his back on the way out. Now he has a punctured lung and she has a court date.


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Here’s The Wound Now Throw The Salt


Guess who’s having a party? Libyan dictator Colonel Gadaffi’s son  Saif that’s who. Why you may ask? Well it’s the 1st anniversary of the the release of the Lockerbie Bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi and what better way to celebrate than have a friggin party.Hmm, I wonder if Saif’s good friend Tony Blair will be attending?


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