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Take Note Qantas!!!

Sheez, why couldn’t Qantas be as nice? A Canadian airline (WestJet) surprised a plane full of passengers by handing out presents at the end of their flight. Hmm, but not just any old presents, they set up a virtual Santa at the check-in counter and asked every person on the flight what they wanted for Christmas and guess what? The WestJet staffed raced off and bought everything on the list and wrapped them all up before the plane landed . Hmm, too bad about the passengers on the next flight …losers.


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Where to Sit To Survive a Plane Crash

Want to know the safest place to be sitting when the plane you’re on crashes? Hmm, well lets just say, first class passengers are pretty much screwed. Seems the further back you are seated (economy) the higher the chance you have of surviving an air disaster. Well, aren’t you eventually  going to  face plant into first class?
The results are the finding of a $1.5 mil project that saw three planes deliberately flown into the ground in  a Mexican desert.

Psst I can hear it now …”This is your captain speaking, can everyone in first class run to the back of the plane while economy passengers remain seated, thank you.


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Second Racist Rant

From the same people who bought you the “racist rant on a tram” comes the second installment. Yes indeedy, another woman has also been filmed hurling abuse at passengers, this time on a train in England.

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Qantas is Back!!!

Qantas is back! Yep, Emu airlines, the fleet that refused to fly due to a squabble with unions has finally found its wings after leaving 22,000 passengers stranded around the world. So who is the winner out of all this, Qantas or the unions? Hmm, who the hell knows, they are all claiming some sort of victory. What I do know is who the losers are.  Firstly, the poor passengers who were used as pawns in this little ongoing battle, Australian tourism and the thousands of Australian Qantas staff who are more than likely going to see their jobs taken over by workers in Asia. There goes the “Spirit of Australia” right down the dunny.  As for  Fair Work Australia and the Unions, you might want to sleep with one eye open from now on because I suspect more big corporates will be following in Qantas’s footsteps. Poor union loving Gillard, now what?

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Honey, Why Are You Glowing?

Sorry sir, all glowing passengers to economy!

No need for panic people, but several passengers have registered higher than normal radiation levels after arriving in South Korea and Taiwan from flights out of Japan. Sheez, that could just be from the X-Ray machines! Anywho, seems the radiation was only on their clothing and they were showing no ill effects. Reports are also coming in that passengers set off radiation detectors at O’Hare Airport. Good lord, imagine, radioactive airplanes! As if the food wasn’t bad enough!


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Don’t Mess With the Raccoons

Rac in the hood

Gangsta raccoons are terrorizing commuters at the Fort Totten station in DC. Hmm, seems the thug family of raccoons get a kick out of chasing passengers near the entry and exit. Definitely a turf war. Thank god they don’t know how to point a gun!


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Mutiny on Ryanair

Anyone else gonna bitch?

Egads, a riot broke out on a Ryanair flight after one of the passengers got pissed when told he was going to be slugged with a gate bag fee “for outsized luggage” . Enter a few of his mates. OK, now enter over 100 passengers. Seems most of the passengers  mutinied which resulted in the aircraft being emptied. In the end, of the 168 passengers, only 64 were allowed to reboard. The rest were told to find another way home. The incident happened on a flight from the Canary Islands to Charleroi in Belgium. Sheez, cut price airlines!


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