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Passport Software Fail

A nicely presented Asian man had his passport photo rejected by software  run by New Zealand’s department of internal affairs. The embarrassing blunder is just awks on so many levels.



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Thanks Son

A guy is stranded in South Korea after his 4 year old son took to his passport with a black felt tip pen and doodled all over his face. Oh and he drew a few animals and stuff. Wanna see?

passport fail


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Some Penis’s Should Be Issued With A Passport

OK, I’m just going to come out and say it…can the Australian government please issue Shane Warne’s penis with a passport so women can  at least know where it’s been! Phew, I feel so much better getting that off my chest!

Want sauce with that?


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Welcome To Communist Australia

Granny gets 9 for accidentally clicking on a porn site link!

To all the people living in Australia who happen to own a computer, you may want to sit down for this. Many of you are well aware that the Rudd Government is planning to censor the internet in order to keep it’s citizens from viewing kiddie porn or anything THEY deemed to be unsuitable for the masses but did you know they have other plans too? Now it seems they want to link you internet activity to your passport! WTF? Love China much? Yes, it seems plans are underfoot to potentially have every minute detail of your internet activity including your bank account details, personal info, blog entries, tweets, email, Facebook and sites you have visited  directly linked to your passport. Big friggin Brother!  Internet service providers will be forced to hand over ISP data to the government who then plan to keep the info for up to 10 years. What is more scarier is the fact that very few Australians are even aware of the plan. Is it rumor or are we being left in the dark? Who friggin knows, but it is something we should be following very closely. Oh and  a big shout out to our ever efficient Sekan from Kansas Mediocrity who sent me the link with  a big friggin “please explain?” message attached. For all concerned Australians please take time to read this post  from Daily Censored.

Psst Even if this is just a rumor, complacency about  people’s rights of free speech and democracy will inevitably make this a reality.


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