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You Are NOT The Father

A guy who failed a paternity test after his child was conceived through a fertility clinic using his sperm is not suing. Reason? Seems the child is not genetically his but his brothers. No loons, there was no hanky panky going on. The so called “brother” was an unborn twin. Yep, the guy absorbed the dead twins genes in the womb. In other words his dead twin is actually the father. Creepy as. The phenomenon is known as human chimera. Still confused? So the man’s sperm was found to be a 10 percent match to the infant, while the genes in his saliva were not a match.


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Khloe Kardashian Maybe An Only Child

Which one doesn't belong

I’m running out of eyebrows to raise over the Kardashians latest publicity stunt controversy. As the fans salivated over the impending nuptials of Kim and Kris Humphries now they can wait with bated breath over the “who’s your daddy” paternity woes of Khloe.If you have no idea what I am dribbling about here’s the low down. The late Robert Kardashian’s ex-wives Jan Ashley and Ellen Kardashian claim  he ain’t the daddy of Khloe. Despite the care factor being zero! The bitchy exs are saying that Kristen (Khloe’s mommy)  was doing the dirty behind Robert’s back and that HE told them BOTH he didn’t believe Khloe was HIS daughter. Ouch. Oh and if you saw the ep where Khloe did a DNA test. She only did it with her mom not her sisters. Which is seriously dumb. Sorry Khloe,  Kris is not your mom. Anywho, if they play their cards right this could stretch out for a whole season of their TV show, just  like the Kim marriage farce. Sheez, can’t wait until next year, hopefully Khloe’s real father turns out to be Larry King or Bill Clinton. It’s like getting so exciting!!!!


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