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What the Hell Is Ghetto Body?

Doctor tells patient she has ghetto bodyGuess who’s in big doo dah? The Dr who told a patient that the reason for her back pain was due to “Ghetto body”. Uh huh, you heard me, ghetto body. When she complained about the insensitive diagnosis the doctor responded with “I was trying to take a technical conversation regarding your lower back and make it less technical.” Hmm, way to paint yourself back into a corner mister. It kinda gets worse.  When word got out about his ghetto remark he said “What I was trying to explain to that patient is that she has lumbar lordosis, which is a fancy name for the curve of the lower spine that makes the buttocks protrude more.”  Shut the hell up mister.


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Unluckiest Bastard Award

The award for the unluckiest bastard of the week goes to the Ugandan thief who stole a cell phone from a Ebola virus patient . Dear lord, you are a fool.

Psst Yes, of course he now has it.


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The Ultimate Defriending

Tribal council have spoken!

OK, here’s the thing Portland nurse, posting photos of a dying patient’s buttocks on your Facebook page and then making derogatory comments about them will result in a) Being fired from your job b) spending 8 days in jail c) prohibited from having a nursing license in the US  d) being banned from Facebook and other social media sites or  e) all of the above.


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Rat Nibbles Off Patient’s Penis

Look away loons, this is nasty. A man in  Bengal hospital had his penis nibbled off by a rat. Yes, you heard me, nibbled off!!! Arun Sandhukha was found by relatives lying in a pool of blood in a hospital bed after being admitted with pneumonia. He died later that day. Authorities admitted the ward was home to quite a few  rodents.


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On The Bright Side It’s A Beautiful Baby Boy!

Oh shit!

Oh dear god, what’s worse than having a  baby by caesarean? A Tel Aviv doctor accidentally setting you on fire while having one! It all started when the woman was dabbed with an alcohol solution before and during the procedure.  When the surgeon cranked up his diathermic needle, which uses an electric current …..kaboom…the poor woman was engulfed in flames. No worries. After the fire was put out  and the woman bandaged, the surgeon continued with the Caesarian. Atta boy. Anywho, after the birth the woman received skin grafts to her butt and thighs and had to have extensive plastic surgery.



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Well This Is Awkward

Shall we give him some of his own medicine?

OK, here’s the thing you Nazi, if you have a tattoo of a Reichsadler (Imperial eagle) perched on a swastika on your arm, just hope your surgeon isn’t Jewish! A Jewish doctor in Germany walked out of a surgery and refused to operate on his patient after he noticed the Nazi tatt on his arm. So much for the Hippocratic Oath.


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Friggin Ants

This way!

You know what I hate? When you are lying in a Florida intensive care unit and hundreds of ants attack you. I really friggin hate that! Cornelius Lewis was bitten not once but hundreds of times by an army of  pavement ants while he lay seriously ill at the Gulf Coast Medical Center. Seems no one noticed them marching into his room and lunching on his legs and genitals.


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I Hear It’s Good For The Skin?

OMG, one of the biggest problems with going to  a chiropractor is you have to lie on your stomach making it easy for someone to masturbate on your back without knowing. Iowa chiropractor Dan Duffy has been charged after it was alleged he masturbated on a patient during an examination. The victim claims she heard him unzip his pants and then heard the sound of him slapping the salami. Following the ordeal she went to police and had her lower back swabbed and low and behold, chiropractor sperm. The DNA matched Duffy’s but he is adamant he is innocent.


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Friggin Surgical Instruments

All done, now who's for a round of golf?

OMG, a Czech woman is considering suing her doctors after they left a foot long surgical instrument in her abdomen. Hmm, so like a Subway sandwich only metal! Worse still it was five months before they finally removed the spatula-like instrument and that was only because Zdenka Kopeckova (66) repeatedly complained to doctors about her pain. The clinic is investigating why four people failed to notice the object was still inside her body or even notice it was missing.


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Man Takes Ambulance on Joyride

OK drunk man, next time you decided to steal an ambulance from the Wisconsin ski area can you make sure it doesn’t include a patient and paramedics. The incident happened when an ambulance was called to  tend an injured skier at the Tyrol Basin Ski and Snowboard Area. While treating the patient  in the back of the vehicle an Illinois man jumped in the drivers seat and began driving it around the parking lot with the emergency brake still on. No word on how they got him to stop.

Psst Well at least he didn’t put the siren on!

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