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Obese Quadriplegic Drug Lord Gets 10 Years

Quadriplegic gets 10 years jail for drug manufacturingDilemma alert. OK people, put your thinking caps on. What do you do with a morbidly obese quadriplegic who has been sentenced to 10 years jail for assisting in the manufacturing one tonne of ecstasy ? Paul Baker whose disability is similar to that of the late Christopher Reeves…can’t eat, drink or go to the toilet by himself… will cost the taxpayers about $200,000 a year just to care for him. This isn’t taking into account the cost of modifying a cell(eg, hoist, user friendly furniture and air conditioning) and jail facilities .Urgh, they have already forked out $4,000 to modify the truck so he could be transferred back and forth to court.  For goodness sakes Paul, could you have chosen a better career? Mr Baker wont be eligible for parole until another 3 and a half years. Hmm,  why don’t they just make him work at a pharmaceutical lab for 3 and half year ?


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