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Put That Friggin Dorito Down, Now!!!

Want to lose weight? This should pretty much do it!


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Good News And Bad News

The fattest man in the world, Paul Mason, has lost 20st (280lbs) after having gastric bypass surgery but guess what? He’s still the fattest man in the world. Bummer.


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Roger That!

Obese man requires a chinook helicopter to get to hospitalYou know you’re fat when you need a Chinook helicopter to airlift you to hospital. Paul Mason weighs 70 stone, yes that’s right 70 stone, and he desperately needs to get to hospital for weight reducing surgery. The last time he needed to visit hospital they had to remove a neighbor’s wall for the  forklift truck to get close enough to get him out of his house. However, this time he may require the service of the RAF. Good luck with that!

Psst The NHS Suffolk will be footing the bill for his treatment.


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