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All Hail Paul The Octopus


Remember Paul the octopus who successfully predicted the World Cup results and then carked it a few months later? Yeah, him. Well anywho, a shrine is being planned in his honor. Yep, and it will be a 1.8m statue of Paul sitting atop a football, which will include a see through window with a golden urn containing his ashes. Hello?  All he did was pick a friggin muscle out of a box.


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Paul The Psychic Octopus Is Dead


OMG, Paul the psychic octopus who predicted the World Cup results is dead. He was found floating in his aquarium in Germany last night. A devastated general manager of Sea Life said “He won all our hearts, and we will sorely miss him.”  The body will remain in cold storage until they work out a fitting send off for the lovable 8 legged rogue.

Psst I hope his tentacles don’t end up on eBay!


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Paul The Octopus Is A Legend

Who would have thought an eight legged sea creature would have been the highlight of this year’s World Cup? Paul the octopus, who up until now only predicted the outcome of German matches, successfully chose Spain over the Netherlands to win the World Cup final and he didn’t disappoint. Attaboy Paul, that’s  3000-1 odds. During the match, which saw a record 14 yellow cards, Spanish fans chanted Paul’s name. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is declared their national hero.

Psst Mani the parrot, you’re full of shit !


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Paul The Octopus Says Spain Will Win World Cup

That friggin octopus has been at it again and this time he has predicted Spain will win the World Cup. Hmm, this should be interesting because Mani the parrot says Netherlands. Someone’s lying!

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Move Over Paul, Mani Is Running The Show Now

While the world watched in awe of Paul the octopus’s amazing accurate predictions , over in Singapore a parrot called Mani was doing just the same. Yes, the parrot has supposedly guessed the all winning teams in this years World Cup. Hmm, I wonder if he has been secretly watching the octopus? Anywho, Mani is predicting a Netherlands win. Better be right little birdy or you could be a plucked duck!


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Octopus Paul Receives Death Threats

OMG, since Paul the Octopus correctly predicted Germany’s fate in the World Cup he has received numerous death threats by angry German supporters wanting to grill him and throw him in a paella. Such is the concerns, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Zapatero is offering the eight legged creature state protection. Even the Spanish Industry Minister demanded Paul  be given an “immediate” free transfer to Spain to “ensure his protection”. Despite concerns for Paul’s safety he will remain at Sea Life in Germany.

Psst No word on whether Paul will be asked to predict the finals outcome  or whether he really gives a toss now that his team’s out!


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