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Watch Out For the Sink…….

A couple in South Korea may have a permanent fear of pavement after they fell through a piece. Damn you to hell sinkhole…


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Pavement Plunge

I hate it when this happens ….

Psst A passing cabbie driver came to the girl’s rescue.


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Exploding Pavement

Des Moine has just got a whole lot more interesting since their public works director revealed that the concrete pavements around the city might just explode due to that damn friggin heatwave. Water+ concrete + excessive heat = Kaboom! Sheez, death by concrete slab sounds nasty!


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Guess That’s It For Babysitting Duties

When police responded to a call about an unattended baby stroller next to a highway in Marathon, they were shocked to find an 18 month old baby inside it. More surprising was finding the child’s granddad passed out drunk on the pavement next to the stroller. Deputy said the baby was sharing the stroller with two cold Keystone Ice beers. Needless to say Raymond Dascott was charged with child neglect.

Want sauce with that ? (psst:  includes photo of passed out grandpappy)


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Hey Mister, That’s Our Artwork!

Oh whoopsie, council cleaners spent a few hours washing away graffiti on pavement at Milton Keynes only to discover it was a charity street art project by teens. Awkward! The teenagers had spent 8 hours creating chalk Halloween murals and were shocked when they returned the following morning to take photos only to discover a council anti-graffiti worker busy at work washing them away. Next time maybe the organizers of The Big Draw might inform the council of their next community charity project. Epic Fail!


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