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Watch Out For …Oh Nevermind

A grumpy pedestrian was too busy thumb waving at a car that he forgot to take note of pole. Karma right?


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Staying Alive

Attention Volvo drivers, soon you won’t have to fret about plowing down pedestrians because  V40 wagon will be fitted with  external airbags. So if by some chance you ever drive fast enough to cause injury to someone, you should be good to go after impact. Hmm, as for the victim, who knows where they will end up after getting sucker punched by a cushion….. probably straight into oncoming traffic.


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Just When You Least Expect It

Ah Shit!

Oh dear, a Hong Kong woman has died after an elderly woman plunged from her 27th floor apartment and landed, kaboom, right on top of her. It is believed the 74 year old woman slipped while fetching clothes, fell over the balcony then landed on the unsuspecting Chan Kwai-mui. In a morbid twist of fate Ms Chan’s hubby died when a crane fell on him a few years earlier. Police say the women were ” found in a heap”.


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Deadly Fire Hose

An 82 year old Massachusetts woman Gertrude King was in the wrong place at the wrong time when a firetruck chucked a left and wiped her out with it’s fire hose. It is believed the hose had come loose and was dragging behind the engine when it whacked Ms King on the back of the legs while she waited on the median strip. Sadly she died two days later.


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Honey, Can You Come Here For A Minute

Whoops, call it shock but Michiko Sato (23) is in big trouble after she drove home with the body of an 80 year old pedestrian stuck in her car windscreen. It is believed Sato hit the woman (killing her) while out driving in the early hours of the morning but friggin freaked when she realized the elderly woman was wedged in the windscreen so just drove home . It was her boyfriend who finally called police after presumably thinking WTF. She now faces 17 years in jail.


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