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What Happened to Nanny State?

wrongTwo sisters in Devon, England are forced each night to be locked in their rooms and to use a baby monitor to notify their mother if they need to go to the toilet. Reason? Mummy dearest married a pedophile. The council have allowed the new hubby to live under the same roof if the girls are locked up each night ( because he is still considered a risk) and he sleeps on the wall side of the bed so he has to climb over his wife (theoretically waking her)  if he tries something nasty.  Sleep with one eye open everybody. Funnily the biological daddy has a problem with this.

PSSt Not a good time for my auto corrector to keep changing locked  to licked …just saying.


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What could be worse than unveiling a plaque to a paedophile teacher after he died? Hmm, hows about inscribing it with the words “He touched us all”.


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How To Mr Fix It

Plans to remove jimmy Saviles knighthoodWhat happens when you give a knighthood to one of Britain’s most high profile TV stars only to discover, after he dies, that he is one of Britain’s most prolific sex offenders and the title “sir” can’t be removed? Give him another damn one so he can be stripped of it publicly. Bye, bye Sir Jimmy Savile.

Psst If you give him a new knighthood and then remove it, doesn’t he still have the original one?


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Knock, Knock

Pedophile found living in school cupboardWhat’s worse than a pedophile living in your street? How’s about a pedophile living in a cupboard in a primary school with a big stack of child porn pics? Oh for crying out loud. Seems the guy, who worked at the school as a caretaker, had set up home in the cupboard following his divorce.  His indecent photo collection was found on his laptop after he’d been sprung. Oh come on, there is probably a reasonable expl…. oh 1,749 pic you say? But having child porn on your computer doesn’t necessarily make you a pe … oh, 491 photos were of the most serious kind.


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Worst Quote Of The Week

You can say lots of bad things about pedophiles, but at least they drive slowly past schools.


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Might Want To Date Someone Your Own Age?

You know you have an underage sex problem when your 14 year old girlfriend tells you to stop sending text messages to a 15 year old. Hello,  you are friggin 33! I’m just saying.

Want sauce with that?

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Like Moths To A Flame

Oh for crying out loud Roman Catholic Church, you are going to have to screen your pedophile investigators more thoroughly or no one is going to take your stance on child abuse in the church seriously! Christopher Jarvis who was hired by the church to investigate sex abuse allegations has been jailed after he was caught uploading images of pre-pubescent boys on to a social networking website!

Want sauce with that?


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Probably Not Something to Boast About

Hmm, probably not a good idea to boast about raping a 13 year old girl while you are serving time at the Frankland Prison in England. Pedophile Mitchell Harrison was disembowelled with razor blades melted into toothbrush handles by two fellow inmates after boasting about his crime.


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Beast of Sligo is On The Loose

One of Britain’s most notorious pedophiles ‘The Beast of Sligo’ got 238 years jail. Good ah? Except for the fact the dude is out!!!! Yep, Joseph McColgan (69) served only 9 years of his sentence for repeatedly raping and beating his kids (with cattle prods) before getting a sniff of freedom. Of course it didn’t last. Evil old McColgan got caught with child porn and was given another 30 months in the slammer. No silly, it wasn’t added to his friggin 238 years (-9 years served), he got a whole new sentence. AND NO, he didn’t serve the whole 30 months either, only half. Mr McColgan is now roaming free once more. The original judge described him as “quite clearly a very dangerous man.” Sleep with one eye open children of Plymouth.


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Right Under His Nose

How’s this for some holy irony? One of the Catholic Church’s most influential Italian Cardinals, Father Riccardo Seppia, who’s been working with Pope Benedict on dealing with pedophile priests,  has been busted on  pedophilia and drug offenses. Awkward.Father Riccardo Seppia had no idea his cell phone was being tapped when he rang a man to organize  a young boy for sexual purposes. It is alleged during the conversation Seppia said “I do not want 16-year-old boys but younger. Fourteen-year-olds are O.K. Look for needy boys who have family issues,” Hmm, seems someone’s going to be separated from his flock!

Want sauce with that?


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