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Thought Up By A Man I Presume?

Oh bless, the Austrian Green Party are holding a special meeting for women. Yes they are. And guess what its about? They want to show women how to pee standing up so they can avoid sitting on dirty loos at music festivals and the likes. Hmm, seems to me this would create more of an unholy mess…. just saying.

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Pee Brain

No son, that will not dissolve your drugs. A man decided to pee himself in the hope it would dissolve the heroin and cocaine in his pocket after being caught by cops. Not a chance, especially considering they were in nine small bags.

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We Can Pee, But Just Not That Good

The president of the Family Research Council believes women shouldn’t be allowed in combat because they can’t pee outdoors. Oh for crying out loud, sure it may run down the leg a bit, but pooping ain’t a problem. Check out all the other awesome reasons ….

Want sauce with that?


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Honey, He Said Only To WEE In The Shower!!!!

Dutch official recommends peeing in showerA Dutch government official has suggested if people want to save money on their water bills they should pee in the shower. Yes, Bert Wassink who is a regular shower pisser  says “If you combine showers and peeing, you save a lot of water and money, so why not?”

Psst Might want to avoid going swimming in his pool!!!!


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Bad Bank Deposit

Get it off me!!!

Don’t you hate disgruntled customers, especially when they urinate in the tube at a bank drive through and you get covered in pee. Evidently a male cutomer who was angry that he couldn’t purchase a money order, sort revenge by pissing in the bank tube. A short time later another customer pulled up to the same drive through lane and yep, she picked up the tube and the pee spilled into her car and onto her. Well, that stinks!


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Gerard Depardieu Pees On Plane

La gross!  French actor Gerard Depardieu has urinated in an Air France plane after the cabin crew refused to allow him to use the toilet. Seems Depardieu was bursting to go  but was told he had to wait 15 minutes for the plane to be in the air. Unfortunately he couldn’t wait that long  so he unzipped his fly and pissed on the aisle carpet, much to the amusement and horror of some passengers. The plane immediately taxied back to the gate and passengers were removed while the crew were left to clean up the piss. No word yet on whether France’s living treasure will be charged.


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Can You Smell Something?

Could work!

Yah for alternative medicine except when it involves rubbing piss all over yourself I say. Alfred Zoppelt has been fired after working for 23 years at the Belvedere museum in Vienna because he continually washes his hands and face with urine. Yeah, yeah, yeah  it is suppose to have friggin medicinal benefits but try telling that to the staff who have to work with him. For crying out loud he’s leaving a urine trail!

Psst A curious Loon wants to know if he is using his own wee?


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Clean Getaway

OK, here’s the thing Swedish bank robbers, if you’re planning to spend the weekend locked in a vault make sure you take your three bottles of urine with you when you go. That’s a DNAing and a sure fire way of getting your sorry asses put behind bars. The two men snuck into the vault on Friday and emptied 140 safety deposit boxes before waiting until the bank reopened on Monday to sneak back out. Unfortunately they left a calling card, three bottles of pee.


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