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Thank Goodness They Were From SOUTH Korea

soccer3Sheez, when the South Korean football team returned home from the World Cup, having only scored a single friggin point, they were greeted by angry fans who pelted them with …wait for it … candies . OK, in some countries that would be considered awesome, right Wombies? Anywho, it seems in South Korea “go eat a toffee” is the ultimate insult and basically equivalent to “screw you”.


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Bieber Pelted With Eggs

Oh dear, who would dare throw eggs at poor little singing sensation Justin Bieber while performing in front his adoring Sydney fans? Well, someone did. Six of the little suckers were hurled from the crowd onto the stage as he sang. It was obviously wasn’t  a girl because they all missed. Anywho, the Bieb was unscathed but the Beliebers  ain’t happy  and have gone on the social networking sites to voice their disapproval.

Psst Sheez, he should be grateful they didn’t pelt him with emu eggs, now that would have hurt!


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Don’t Mess With A Woman With Balls!

Take that you little shits!

Take that you little shits!

Texan Paula Ollie isn’t one to standby and let burglars ransack her house. No siree. When Paula heard noises outside her home she collected a handful of pool balls, threw them in a bike helmet, climbed up a tree (holding on to the helmet by clenching the strap in her teeth) and then plonked herself on the roof where she had the perfect vantage point. Once she spotted the would-be burglars she shouted ‘Death from above!’ and began pelting them with pool balls. It didn’t take long for them to be snookered! Her brother-in-law said they were lucky she couldn’t find her crossbow! Paula Ollie 1, sorry assed burglars 0.

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