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Epic Penguin Escape Plan Fail

Oh come on little penguins, the first rule of escaping is not to leave wet footprints…. just saying.


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Dumbass Penguin

Jump you fool, jump!!!!


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Catch Me If You Can

Weren't there three of us?

If you happen to see a young penguin frolicking in the Kyu-Edo River, no worries, that’s just an escapee from the Tokyo Sea Life Park . The little Humboldt critter scaled a wall to freedom and is now enjoying the good life. Park officials have tried in vain to catch the penguin but it’s a shifty little bugger and swims at incredibly fast speed. Good luck with that!


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Happy Feet Has No Sense Of Direction

He better not have got me a t-shirt!!!

Oh for the love of god. Remember Happy Feet the wayward penguin who got lost and ended up in New Zealand? Yeah, him. Well anywho, after being nursed back to health he hitched a ride on a ship back to the Antarctic and was released yesterday. From information gathered from the tracking device , the friggin fool has done a u-turn and is heading back to New Zealand. Stupid is, as stupid does!


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Penguin Falls In Love With A Pair Of Boots

Hey, sometimes it can work!

Oh my little penguins are you friggin stupid? Seems a bunch of randy male penguins have fallen for their zookeeper’s black and white boots. Evidently the rubber boots look like a lady penguin lying on her stomach. Hmm, in lala land boys. Bonaparte was the first to fall for the boot’s charms, rubbing passionately up against them. It wasn’t long before the other desperate males were trying to win her over.In the end the zookeeper from Sea Life Konstanz had to switch to a blue pair.Now the penguins think all she was just one very stuck up bitch.


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Penguin Giggle

This is what happens when you tickle a penguin. Dear god, make it stop….


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Where Can I Find Freshly Ground Black People?

Pepper people, pepper!

The Australian book publisher , Penguin, has been forced to pulp a cookbook after one of the recipes called for “salt and freshly ground black people” to be added to a dish. Whoopsie daisy, might want to hide this from Harry Connick! The typo appears on only one recipe of “Pasta Bible” but it was enough to send them into a right old state and pulp the lot. The publishers are blaming the error on their computer’s spellchecker program and not some racist proofreader!


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