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You Dirty Rat You Ate My Pizza

The Green Eggs Cafe in Pennsylvania is in damage control after a sewer main burst and unleashed a flood of rats into their restaurant. Locals were on hand to film and upload the rodents feasting away.


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Just One More Sip

Caretaker drinks $102,400 worth of whiskeyA whiskey loving caretaker is in big trouble after he was accused of drinking 52 bottles of 1912 Old Farm Pure Rye Whiskey from a mansion in Pennsylvania. The rare alcohol had been found concealed in the walls of the mansion in 2012 having been hidden there by industrialist J.P. Brennan during prohibition. The 52 of the 108 bottles guzzled by the caretaker were valued at $102,400.


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Umbrella vs Chainsaw

What do you do when your roomie cuts through your door with a chainsaw after you had the locks changed on your house? You grab your damn umbrella and run, then hope to hell the saw catches your shirt and gets jammed, so you can pin him down with your umbrella. That’s what a 76 year old Pennsylvania man did.  There is a year worth of nightmares, right there!!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Bank Robber Demands a Dollar

I just need a buck!!!!

OK, here’s the thing mister bank robber, holding up a bank for a buck so you can go to federal prison is kind of pathetic. Even the teller had to ask if it was a joke (probably because he was a regular customer). The Pennsylvania man requested to be sent to Loretto Pa on one of the notes and “Federal bank robbery. Please hand over $1.00.” on the other. Police aren’t sure why but he now has a date with the judge.


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Didn’t Learn The First Time

You know what I hate? When you get your checkbook stolen by a woman who deliberately bumps into you at a grocery store and then when you stop to ask directions to the police station another friggin thief leans into your car and steals your purse. Damn you all to hell. Poor 72 year old Harriet Sweger did not have a good day

Psst Pennsylvania


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What a Greeting Card!

A man has been arrested for exposing himself in a Hallmark store in Pennsylvania.Hmm, a flash card?


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Toothless Tiger

Hmm, I know....

A Pennsylvania  bank robber told police the only reason she robbed the First National Bank was so she could afford to pay for a set of dentures. Evelyn Fuller, who has no teeth, came forward after a man recognised the coat he had loaned her and squealed told police. Oh well, at least she will now get her wish ….and probably 20 years.


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Man Fakes His Mother’s Obituary

I knew I forget something!

Oh for crying out loud, Scott Bennett, if you are going to  fake an obituary of your mother and have it published in the newspaper so you can get a few days off work, you might want to warn your relis (especially your mom). Mr Bennett was worried he would get the boot for taking time off  work so came up with the elaborate scam to get paid bereavement. Unfortunately his family saw the obituary, freaked AND THEN his mother stormed over to The Jeffersonian Democrat newspaper in Pennsylvania to prove she was alive and kicking. Hmm, Christmas could be awkward .

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Chuck Another Shrimp In My Pants

Has someone got a heating pad?

Honey, sweetie, darl, when stealing a frozen bag of shrimp it’s probably not wise to stuff it down your daks. The Pennsylvania man wandered over to the frozen food section of a supermarket and “proceeded to pull the front of his jeans away from his body and deposit one of the bags of shrimp into his crotch area,” Hmm, not a particularly good look. Brian Troy McDaniel then tried to make a run for it but how far can someone run with frozen balls I ask? Oh well, whack retail theft, robbery and simply assault on his bill.


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Dog Saves Himself

Well, well, well, who’s  clever boy then? A Labrador named Max who was accidentally left in a car in soaring heat in Pennsylvania was rescued after he kept honking the horn. The owner, who forgot Max was still in the car after unloading packages , went to investigate the honking  and discovered her pooch sitting in the driver’s seat with his paw on the horn.


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