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Granny, Why Are You Glowing?

Sheez, those Japanese. A group of middle aged pensioners have set up a charity called “Qualified Veterans for Fukushima Nuclear Plant No. 1”. The aim? To help in the reconstruction and decontamination of the leaking nuclear plant.Reason? They consider it better to sacrifice their own  lives rather than let younger people risk theirs. Yep, the “we’re nearer to death” ideology. The group was formed after they heard that authorities were finding it difficult to find enough people willing to go into the contaminate area to help clean up and rebuild . So far they have 450 volunteers (all in their 60’s) willing to sacrifice their lives and of those 90 are quite happy  to work inside the plant. Hmm, makes you feel bad for not standing up for them on a crowded bus now, doesn’t it?


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Friggin GPS

In 50 meters take the next right

OK people, how many times must I say it, global positioning systems (GPS) are evil. Don’t believe me, well just ask the British pensioners who drove their Renault into a church in Germany because the GPS told them to.

Want sauce with that?


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If You Can’t Bet Them, Join Them

200 Avon and Somerset pensioners arrested in the last two years

My Bad?

Brilliant, more than 200 pensioners have been arrested by the Avon and Somerset Police in the last two years. The eldest being a 99 year old burglar followed closely behind by a 92 year old drunk driver! Among the crimes they have alleged to have committed,  being drunk and disorderly in public, loan sharking, causing grievous bodily harm and conspiracy to murder. Not bad granny and gramps!


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