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Tears For Fears

spray can 2OK ladies, if you plan to use pepper spray for evil, please think about who you are going to target.  A man was heading to an ATM when the woman appeared with a can of pepper spray demanding money. When he man refused she sprayed him . Unlucky for her, he fought back, grabbed the can and sprayed her right back into her face until she fled (in tears).


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Extreme Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday sales hit a new high this year when a woman used pepper spray in an LA Walmart to assist in her shopping frenzy. The unidentified Hispanic woman whipped out her can of mace and sprayed  rival shoppers as she desperately tried to get her hands on a electronic device. At least 10 customers were treated for injuries following the incident. No word on whether the woman successfully purchased her item. In two other separate incidents two shoppers have been shot as they made their way to the carpark with their goodies.

Psst For those who don’t know what Black Friday is, it’s a massive discount bargain day that follows Thanksgiving and is notorious for frenzied shoppers doing everything and anything to get their hands on a sale item.


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It Brings Tears To Their Eyes

OK, here’s the thing little snowflakes, when you find a bottle at school make sure it really is perfume before you spray it. Several 8 year olds from Cambridgeport Elementary School were taken to hospital after pepper spraying each other with what they thought was perfume. That’s a fail right there.


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Pepper Spray Confusion

No, no , no Portland police, you don’t douse a burning man with pepper spray, he’s hurting enough. A policewoman who was coming to the aid of a man who had set himself on fire accidentally grabbed the heavy duty riot spray from the trunk of the patrol car instead of the fire extinguisher.Easy mistake, they are both friggin red! Luckily the pepper spray was water based and non flammable. Another driver, who also witnessed the incident, grabbed a fire extinguisher from his vehicle and attempted to douse out the flames. Sadly Daniel Shaull  died in hospital from his burns. His father said Daniel was suicidal, had psychiatric problems and was living on the streets.

Psst On a serious note people, if you need help don’t forget  to use those helplines.

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One Way To Get A Short Shift

Don’t try this home. Some bright spark  put pepper spray on a hand dryer in McDonalds in North Carolina.Imagine that, 6 people hospitalized and 25 treated by the emergency medical team after someone turned the dryer on.

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When In Denmark

OK, OK, I'm going, geez!

OK, OK, I'm going, geez!

If you are Danish and your mother-in-law refuses to leave, empty a can of pepper spray in her face, that should do it! Hmm, seems a 20 year old man became irate when his mommy-in-law returned after he had kicked her out of a party. Sometimes a canister of pepper spray says it best!

Psst Christmas could be awkward!


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Town Gets Pepper Sprayed

Honey, I hope that isn't your cooking!

Honey, I hope that isn't your cooking!

OK, here’s the thing police people, when you decide to have a pepper spray exercise on top of a mountain overlooking a town I’d be checking the wind direction if I were you. Several people from Mount Carmel township rang 911 in a state of panic after suddenly being overcome with what they thought was tear gas.  Most suffered from burning sensations and itchy eyes. It turns out the culprits were the Mount Carmel Borough Police Department who were letting off chemical munitions on top of the mountain not realizing there had been a sudden wind change. Lucky they weren’t practicing with napalm!


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Life Sucks

Life Sucks

Oh no. Antonio Love had a really, really, upset stomach when he entered a Dollar General store in Mobile, Alabama. The rumblings were so bad he raced to use the restroom. Mr Love was in there for well over an hour when the staff decided to ring the police. After the officers knocked on the door several times without a response they used a tire iron to open it. Each time they did Mr Love pushed it back. The police then decided to use pepper spray  and then taser him after they noticed he had a weapon. Oh boy, well didn’t the cops get a shock when they discovered Antonio is deaf and mentally disabled and didn’t have a clue what was going on. As for a weapon, well that was his umbrella. Antonio was still arrested for disorderly conduct but the magistrate had the good sense to refuse to issue a warrant. The officers claim they were justified in using force because the guy had an umbrella!

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One Can Of School Girl Spray

Hurts huh!

Hurts huh!

OK, lets get this out of the way for starters, what the hell is a can of “bear spray” people? Because whatever one of those is, it shouldn’t be on a bus with a bunch of girls. The giggly schoolgirls were heading back to Vermont Summer Camp after a day of swimming when the counselor picked up that dreaded can of bear spray (super size me pepper spray) and boom….it went off. Hmm, it must have been one hell of a can of whip ass for bears because 15 girls had to be taken to hospital. Hmm, so it is a multi purpose spray then? And pray tell why are cops using tasers when they can have bear spray?


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