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Firing Results in A Firing

Are you nuts?

Are you nuts?

Pepper spraying and shooting at a little squirrel in a Tennessee dollar store, that’s a firing right there… for the cop that is. Yep, after responding to a call about a wayward squirrel the officer opened fire on the poor wee thing and then when that failed he attempted to pepper spray it. Unfortunately he didn’t bother to tell the customers who left coughing and hacking out of the store.  As for the squirrel, no word on his fate. OK, before anyone makes a joke, I’m going for …what a cheap shot….. get it ? Dollar store/cheap shot , oh never mind.


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Granny Gets Maced

When an elderly disabled man stopped his car outside the Home Depot store (blocking a bit of the road) to let out his elderly disabled wife, some nasty woman drove passed, screaming abuse. Not being completely content scaring the crap out of the frail couple, she continued her tirade  after parking her car. Oh it didn’t stop there. The woman then pulled out a can of pepper spray and let the elderly woman have it in the face before fleeing. Fortunately, the public helped police to track down the culprit and arrest her. Hmm, well maybe she will move faster getting out of the car next time (kidding people, kidding!!!).



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Extreme Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday sales hit a new high this year when a woman used pepper spray in an LA Walmart to assist in her shopping frenzy. The unidentified Hispanic woman whipped out her can of mace and sprayed  rival shoppers as she desperately tried to get her hands on a electronic device. At least 10 customers were treated for injuries following the incident. No word on whether the woman successfully purchased her item. In two other separate incidents two shoppers have been shot as they made their way to the carpark with their goodies.

Psst For those who don’t know what Black Friday is, it’s a massive discount bargain day that follows Thanksgiving and is notorious for frenzied shoppers doing everything and anything to get their hands on a sale item.


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To Pepper Spray Or Not To Pepper Spray

Picture this, an 8 year old chucks a friggin temper tantrum in a classroom at Glennon Heights Elementary in Colorado, spitting at teachers and breaking off wood trim and trying to stab them with it. Aidan, the snowflake in question, allegedly then armed himself with a sharpened stick and began screaming ‘Get away from me you fuckers.’ Enter police. They ordered Aidan to drop the stick but when he refused they pepper spray him, not once but twice, before handcuffing him. In the mean time the teacher’s filed out of their barricaded room. Later Aidan told police “I wanted to make something sharp if they came out because I was so mad at them. I was going to try to whack them with it.” Hmm, Aidan’s mother believes the police’s action was excessive.

Psst What happened to good old fashion tasering?


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Step Away From The Dog

I'm not that kinda dog!

This isn’t going to look good on his resume. A man who was drinking at the Mean Fiddler Hotel in Rouse Hill has been charged with kissing a police drug dog. Bodie the police dog and it’s handler were walking through the pub when the man became enamored with the pooch. He began kissing and hugging Brodie ignoring the police officer’s request to leave the dog alone. In the end the man became aggressive and had to be pepper sprayed.That’s a kissing a dog charge right there!


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