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Font Fail

Hands up everyone who read this as Pepsi + Rape?  Awkward.



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Loser of the Week

You have a $760,000 endorsement deal with Coca Cola so you rock up to a press conference sipping a can of Pepsi. Hmm, that’s a ditching right there Ronaldinho.


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Be Gone Cancer Causing Chemicals In Pepsi and Coke

No cause for alarm people but Pepsi and Coca Cola lovers might want to turn their heads away for this one. Seems both drink companies have announced they will be cutting the levels of chemicals in their caramel coloring in order to avoid having to put a “cancer warning” on their drink’s labels. Oh dear, evidently there is way too much 4-MEI (carcinogen) in the coloring  which means under California laws they either have to reduce the levels or whack a warning sticker on their products . Those damn lab mice and their tumors!!!!! By the way Pepsi and Coke both are adamant their drinks are safe.

Want sauce with that?


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Well It Wasn’t Red Bull

Don't know, something about a dead toad!

Don't know, something about a dead toad!

OK people, remember a few months back I reported about the unfortunate couple who found a dead mouse in their can of Diet Pepsi? Well, reports are in from the FDA and let me just say I would like to make a retraction, it was not a dead mouse at all. Nope, it was a friggin dead toad! The FDA have confirmed that the contents of the can did indeed contain remains of a living thing, either a frog or toad (well, they pretty much nailed the right weight loss formula!). Ewh, they also reported that the body mass of the toad was way too big to come out of the hole. Geez Louise, so that means whatever poor Mr Denegri swallowed was only like a limb or something! Pepsi are still claiming it was impossible for the creature to find it’s way into the can.

Psst Mr Denegri wasn’t available for comment, he was still barfing!


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