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Perez Hilton Has Gone All Nanny State

Perez Hilton goes politically correct on his blog

They got to you, didn't they?

Urgh, is anyone else yawning at Perez Hilton’s new anti-bullying mantra on his blog? My daily dose of bitch wit and celeb slapping has been replaced by Mary Poppins, umbrella floating, cotton candy, suck hole pandering. Gone are my fav “Lezlo”,  “Kstew” ,”Cokate” , “Maniston”, “Musy Farton and “potato head” quips, now replaced with generic drivel. If I wanted nice I would Mary Hart myself!  Boo hoo to politically correctness, does no one care about my needs? Manchurian Candidate much?


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I Didn’t Know Perez Hilton Was A Cheerleader?

Is the world really ready for this?


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Rumor Mill Round Up

This weeks gossip round up. Tiger is NOT the father,Gary Coleman still not buried and Micheal Jackson’s doctor continues to practice. Two heiresses have made the news, the Samsung one being not as lucky as the Yahoo one (40 years jail vs smoke inhalation). I know which one I would want to be. Mistaken Bieber sighting ends with an embarrassed 27 year old woman having to show her ID to police. Showing Miley without undies is considered child porn, Perez! Oh and Lindsay continues to accidentally spill alcohol on her anklet. What the hell is up with Sheen’s car? Ends up over a cliff again!!!!  AND no there is no Royal bun in the oven!!!


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