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Feel Like Dabbing Some Pizza Behind Your Ear?

Pizza Hut release pizza perfumeMove over Estee Lauder we have a new scent in town and it will make you hungry for more….introducing “Eau de Pizza Hut”. Yes, the tantalizing stench scent of a “box of Pizza Hut pizza being opened”. Pizza Hut Canada have just  released 110 bottles of the pizza smelling perfume and some lucky Facebook fans will be receiving them. Awesome.

Psst I’m holding out for the  garlic bread scent.


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This Perfume Is Da Bomb

Perfume named after hamas bombOMG, speaking of perfume. Shadi Adwan, the owner of a Palestinian cosmetics company, has just released a new scent in Gaza called M-75. That’s the name of the missle designed by the Hamas and used to kaboom Jersusalem and Tel Aviv last month. Adwan descibes his perfume as “pleasant and attractive, like the missiles of the Palestinian resistance, and especially the M-75,” and also adds “it will also remind citizens of the victory wherever they may be, even in China.”

Psst Adwan , the sneaky little corporate pig, is selling it for twice the cost of other perfumes.


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Glass Blower Sweat Perfume

An American artist working in Sweden is hoping to collect the sweat from Swedish glass blowers to turn into perfume to sell to tourists. Good luck with that!

Want sauce with that?


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Get Rich On Whale Sick

Humans are gross!!!

How much is sperm whale upchuck  worth you may well ask? Well, if you happen upon a 600 gram piece of whale sick, you could be  £40,000 richer.  Just ask the British schoolboy who found a chunk of chuck on a beach in Bournemouth. Seems the sweet smelling  rock like substance is highly sought after with perfume makers because it prolongs the scent or perfume. Hmm, I wonder what fool first discovered that?

Psst I wonder if it has carrots in it?


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It Brings Tears To Their Eyes

OK, here’s the thing little snowflakes, when you find a bottle at school make sure it really is perfume before you spray it. Several 8 year olds from Cambridgeport Elementary School were taken to hospital after pepper spraying each other with what they thought was perfume. That’s a fail right there.


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Lethal Weapon

Run for your life it ponks!!!

Run for your life it ponks!!!

OK, I must admit I have gagged on many a person’s perfume, but please! Thirty four staff from a Texas call centre at the Bank of America were taken to hospital after a co-worker squirted some perfume in the air. Hmm, let me guess, was it cheap and nasty? Mass hysteria ensued with people complaining of dizziness, chest pains, headaches and shortness of breath. Many feared it was a chemical attack by terrorists (Eau de Anthrax). In total, nearly 150 people were affected by the fumes and 12 ambulances were required to transport the most badly affected. Fire fighters believe “psychosomatic behaviour” was behind the number of people who fell ill to the perfume. Hmm, or just a really good excuse to get off work! People, are you sure it wasn’t just pepper spray? No word on the name of the perfume but the French are confident it ain’t one of theirs!

Psst : Did I happen to mention they are planning to build an infectious disease facility in Kansas?

This incident reminded me of a viral email…. Shopping in Israel

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