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People Come To The Rescue

This is what happens in Perth if you don’t mind the gap … One, two, three,  push. OMG, I am so glad that has never happened to me, how embarrassing.


Best comments  in today’s newspapers ….hilarious

In Seattle 400 police, firemen, and ambulance dudes would have turned up, and after spending a week holding press conferences and demolishing the entire station Homeland security would have raided his house and read his emails, the police would have shot him, and the hospital ER would have given his wife a bill for a million dollars for confirming that he had a sore leg before he was shot.

If that was England, he’d have been robbed. Then fined for trespassing.

Right wingers would have left him and spat at him and probably blamed him for not looking.

In England they would have all been cautioned for not filling out a risk assessment !

It’s pretty simple. Stuck idiot = late for work. Solution: remove idiot.

Feeling good about my fellow Perth people today, still the worlds worst drivers, but now the best train pushers.


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Who Said Perth Isn’t The State Of Excitement?

I’ll take your motorized bar stool and raise you an esky? Perth clowns.



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Public Art Fail

During one of my recent expeditions I stumbled across this mess. The only way you can view the sculpture is from this angle. Now either they put the electric pole  up after it was erected or it was a friggin very bad choice of locations. The sound you hear is my palm hitting my forehead …. friggin Perth.



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Darwin Rang

Oh for crying out loud, watch out for the …oh never mind. A bag snatcher face plants a plate glass window.

Psst Perth, home of the Friggin Loon.


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Not So Significant

Oh dear, correct me if I’m wrong but this looks like a significant tree fail. Friggin Perth the home of the loon.

Significant tree fail


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Drunk Driver From Hell

Perth driver from hellOK, here’s the thing drunk dude. Driving a truck while towing a trailer with a tractor on it and jack-knifing it in an attempt at making a three point turn …. silly. Driving off after the trailer (with tractor on it) rolls down a hill, through a four-way intersection and kabooms into a parked car… stupid. A few hours, later after having been charged with DUI, you jump in a ute with only three wheels and drive about 8km on the rim …. loser. It was the sparks and the gouge in the road that let you down son!!!

Psst Friggin Perth, home of the loon!!!!


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Casual Cabbie

Only in friggin Perth can a passenger snap a shot of a cabbie wearing no pants! Whoohoo, the state of excitement.



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Sydney Vs Perth

Having spent a week in Sydney it occurred to me why Perth will always be the poor cousin….

Sydney has …….

Sydney Harbour Bridge, 1,149 m ( 3,770 feet )

We got …..

The Narrows Bridge which is 335m (1,099 feet)

Sydney has …

The Sydney Opera House  which cost $102 million to complete in 1973

Perth’s got ….

The friggin Perth Arena which so far has cost $548.7 million and  still isn’t finished!!!

Sydney has ….

The Sydney Tower which dominates the skyline at 309 m (1,014 ft) tall

Perth’s got …

The Bell Tower which stands 82.5 m (271 ft) and can only be seen if standing near the river.

Sydney’s got ….

The colourful Day In Day Out sculpture

We end up with …..

The same friggin sculpture in green, except we paid $1 million dollars for it!!!!!


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I’ll Get You My Pretty And Your Dog Too

Small break in transmission. Just apologizing for delays in posting over the last few days. We have had several days of violent weather and more to come. Hello, had to cancel golf!!!! So in between lightning and thunder and making sure the chooks are nailed down I have managed to post less than my fair share. Will resume normal postings after I retrieve my washing from the next door neighbor’s tree!


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Fourth Shark Fatality

Maybe not!!!

Feet up Perth. Another shark attack, this time near Busselton. So far there have been four fatal shark attacks off the West Australian coast in less than a year. Why can’t I stop the Jaws theme playing in my head?


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