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Rats On Planes?

Flight attendant accused of smuggling pet rats on planesHell no. A trolley dolly for  American Airlines is suing her co workers after they accused her of sneaking her pet rats onto planes by hiding them in her pantyhose and underwear. After she was dobbed in, her passport was flagged for over a year forcing her to go through extra security. Her lawyer said . “She’s not a nut. They’re making her out to be a nut.” She is adamant she never brought her rodents to work.


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Never Give A Hoarder A Pet Rat

Hope no one has shat in the toilet yet!

Attention loons, anyone interested in a pet rat? There are a 1,000 of them currently up for adoption after the TV show Hoarders unearthed the mischief of rodents in a unnamed hoaders home. See, it all started when some idiot gave the hoarder a friggin pregnant rat as a pet. Hello people, hoarders don’t need pets or anything that multiplies. Anywho, a neighbor rang the TV show after the rats had pretty much eaten his home and had begun frolicking on the property. When help arrived they discovered half an inch of rat droppings covering the entire house and a community of rats making happy in the wall insulation. Enter an 18 wheel truck which carted the plague to Andy’s Pet Shop in San Jose. Now you can adopt a hoarder’s rodent. Anyone?


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One Giant Rat Hole

Wanna watch TV tonight or chew a chair leg?

OMG, a woman from Las Cruces in New Mexico has been found living with over 170 feral rats, all about the size of a 5 month old kittens. Pets people, pets! The rat hole was discovered when Debbie Martin called an ambulance and had to be extracted from the house via a window because the stench was too overwhelming. Evidently the rats had taken over the house, chewing on cupboards and furniture while Ms Martin threw them food. Animal control officers later removed over 170 rats but believe there could be twice that many still hiding in there. Fur and skeletal remains of two dogs were found, believed to have been eaten by the rats.

Psst I bet she slept with one eye open!

2nd Psst I wonder if she had names for them all?


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