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Commuter Snake Found

Sheez, what's to eat?

OK, everybody’s feet down, the 3ft missing  boa constrictor has been found in a Boston subway carriage. Penelope was discovered by a commuter after wandering off it’s owners shoulder about a month ago while they were commuting. Melissa Moorhouse, who owns the wayward snake, was thrilled to have her pet back. Good for you!


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Get A Friggin Dog

It just goes to show no matter how much you think your 9ft red-tailed boa loves you they are still wild animals. Nebraskan man Corey Byrne was playing with his pet snake when he placed it around his shoulders and it suddenly wrapped itself around his neck, strangling him. Sadly, by the time a rescue crew arrived he was no longer breathing and was pronounced dead a short time later.


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You’re Not Alone!


Oh for crying out loud people, can you please keep your friggin pet snakes locked up thank you very much. An Ontario man was minding his own beeswax, working on his computer, when a friggin three foot California king snake  appeared from out of nowhere and bit him on the hand while he was typing! Unbeknown to the man, his neighbor’s pet snake had managed to slither it’s way into the man’s apartment by either going through a water pipe or a heating vent. After the man said a few WTFs he flung it on the floor and then captured it in a garbage bin before high tailing it to the nearest hospital. The poor guy had no idea it was not venomous. Sadly the poor snake had to be euthanized due to it’s injuries. Hmm, I am gathering he did more than just fling it on the floor?

Psst Are you sure it was a pet snake and not just one very lost and angry one?


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Snakes Alive

A man’s best friend. When Yu Feng  found a sick and dying black snake outside his house in Fushun  he did what anyone would do, he nursed it back to health with herbal medicines (hey, don’t they use crushed snakes in their…ah never mind). Anywho the snake recovered and Feng went to a nearby mountain and released the reptile. But the very next morning the snake was back (are you sure it was the same snake?).  After several more attempts at freeing the freeloader, Feng gave up and kept the snake as a pet and named it Long Long. OK, it’s around here it turns into a Lassie movie. One night Feng is woken up by Long Long slithering over his face but is so tired he falls back to sleep. Next thing he knows the snake has his clothes in his teeth and is whipping the bed with his tail. That would be enough to wake me up. The snake then slithered over to his mother’s bed  and did the same thing. That’s when he noticed his mom’s electric blanket was on fire.  If it wasn’t for Long Long  they would all be toast. Makes you want to go out and get yourself a Long Long.

Psst Local snake experts say his story is crap, snakes don’t give a shit. I want to believe they really do!

It's wrapped around the light!!!


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