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The Woes of Buying A Puppy At A Pet Store

A Chinese woman was so happy when she brought home a beautiful fluffy white Japanese Spitz puppy from a local pet store. She loved the little pooch but became worried that the dogs in the park were always scared of it. Then, when the puppy was three months old it stopped eating dog food, its nose became pointy and its tail grew very long. People began telling her pooch wasn’t a Japanese Spitz. In desperation, she took her dog to the local zoo and they identified her dog as a white fox. Sleep with one eye open, lady!


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Albino Skunk On The Run

Attention loons, if anyone happens upon an albino skunk named Roscoe, you might want to give Floyd Wilder from Florida a buzz. Roscoe, a family pet,  went AWOL for the second time and so far there has been no sign of him. Yeah, no, Floyd didn’t have a permit and yes, he’s been given a citation again.


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About That Pet Hippo

Marius Els who posted a vid on  Youtube about how much he loved his pet hippo Humphrey has been found dead in a river. Yep, seems Humphrey wasn’t so loveable after all! Despite warnings about the dangers of  hippos, Els continued to frolic with him in the water. Unfortunately the frolicking got a tad rough and Humphrey dragged Els underwater and killed him.



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Honey, What’s That In The Bath?

OMG, chicks dig me !

Oh for crying out loud Dewayne Yarbrough do you really want to attract women who “dig” your 4ft alligator? Dewayne from Illinois had kept the pet reptile in his house for over 5 years, only feeding it once a month to keep its size down, when the cops came a knocking. He later told them “chicks dig it”. Hmm, obviously not all of them because someone dobbed you into police.


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Lions, and Tigers, and Snakes! Oh, my!

Whats for dinner?

Egads, a Kansas cop is one brave friggin dude after he pried a woman from the jaws of a 8ft (2.4m) pet python. Chrystal Wilson had just let her albino snake out of its cage for a feeding when it decided she was good enough to eat and clasped its jaws  on the side of her neck. Terrific! A child in the house quickly rang police and officer Max Bryant came to the rescue. He grabbed the python’s nose and jaw and prised its mouth open before the snake went in for the killing crush . Dude you deserve a medal. Oh wait, you have been nominated for a bravery award. Well done. As for Ms Wilson, she has been fined for harboring the animal. Might want to sleep with one eye open!!!!


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