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Stop Drinking The Petrol

No petrol, no high

No petrol, no high

A man from Cleveland has been banned from going near any garage pumps after he was caught drinking petrol …again. The addict loves nothing better than slashing the hose and taking a drink or sniff of gasoline before doing a little jig while high as a kite. A few years back he tried beating the habit by attending meetings but was kicked out due to the stench and the fear he posed a fire risk.

Want sauce with that?


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Best Way To Get Bowser Rash

Note to would-be petrol thieves, this is not how to do it.

Psst Queensland

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Cremation Fail

Oh dear, a little girl has died in an explosion after one of her relatives poured petrol over their late granny’s casket during a cremation cermony in Cambodia. Evidently one of the males mourners got frustrated with how slow the wet firewood was taking to burn under the grandmother’s coffin. So he decided to help it on its way by pouring 2 liters of gasoline over it. You can pretty much guess the rest. Twelve other family members were injured in the ensuing kaboom!


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Hey, You Got a Light?

OK, here’s the thing, woman from Brisbane, when your partner allegedly throws petrol (aka gasoline) all over you during a fight, the last thing you should do is light a friggin cigarette. That’s a trip to the hospital right there!

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When I Grow Up

Chinese boy drinks petrol to be like a transformerWhat were you thinking little Chinese boy? Xiao Fang, from Xingwen thought if he drank petrol it would give him the same superpowers as the Transformers . No honey,what it will give you is a serious bad stomach ache, a high chance of permanent nerve damage and a long stint in intensive care. Oh dear, the determined little 9 year old was sipping the fuel while eating his dinner. Bless he was really serious.  The father of the potential superhero said “I wondered about the smell of petrol in our home,” Not a chance in hell that kid was going to be a boy genius with those genes!

Psst Hmm, look on the bright side, at least he didn’t dress up in his mom’s clothes to be like Megan Fox!


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