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Concealed Weapon

Man a no show for holding up idiot signA female thief in Germany has found a unique way to rob a pharmacy. She squirted her breast milk at the staff, which  distracted and probably horrified them, before she took off with the money in the till. The woman was described as “robust” and spoke in some weird language. Hmm, so was that a booby trap?

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So How Did You Find Out You Were Pregnant?

OK, here’s the thing women who steal a pregnancy test from a pharmacy, you might want to take it home rather than use it in the the pharmacy’s MALE toilets. The two woman got sprung when the pharmacist went to relieve himself and found them holding the pregnancy test. They took off when he went to check if they had paid for the kit. No word on whether it was positive because they took it with them, leaving only an empty dreams box.


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You’re So Vain

Honey, sweetie, darl, you are doing it all wrong. One must never hold up a pharmacy and then make their getaway in a car with personalized number plates. Bonnie Usher was arrested at her New Hampshire home after an eyewitness reported the license plate B-USHER to police.

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Anyone Move I’ll Squirt

OK, here’s the thing Dustin Abney, trying to rob a drugstore with a water hose nozzle may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but no.All may have gone according to plan had he not spoken to an employee taking a smoke break outside and told him he was about to rob the place. Hmm and it surely didn’t help when he asked the employee if there was anything in the store he would like to get for him while he was robbing it. Dumbass. Of course the employee goes inside and rings 911 while Abney goes in search of a hose nozzle. Police arrived while Abney was in the middle of the hold up.


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