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Uber Typhoon

Run people of the Philippines, the mother of all typhoons is heading your way and it has already broken all scientific intensity scales. The winds are expected to blow way over the 230mph (370km/h) mark which will make it the uber typhoon of the century. Stay safe .


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Anyone Missing an Orange BQM-74e Drone

US drone found in ocean off PhilippinesThe US Navy, could the US Navy come to the front counter please, we have your friggin 10-foot orange BQM-74e drone. Seems you left it floating in the ocean off the coast of the Philippines. Lucky for the fisherman who found it, it wasn’t armed.


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Happy Easter

Happy Easter, except for those devout Catholics in Philippines who got themselves nailed to crosses (theirs won’t be so happy).

Seriously, that’s gotta hurt, especially when they have to remove the nails ūüė¶


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If You Are My Son, Who The Hell Did We Bury?

Thought you could hide, huh?

Oo Oh, a mother who identified then buried her son, after his body was found in a nearby town, got the surprise of her life when he was found alive. God knows who is in the grave but it ain’t Jasper Soriano.¬† Jasper was found by his pissed off wife in another province when rumors circulated that he was still alive. The wife claims she punch and kicked him to make sure he wasn’t a figment of her imagination. Sheez, if he thought that was bad,¬† wait until he has to go home and face his mother!! Still no word on who they buried!


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Sir, Isn’t That Live?


OK, here’s the thing Filipino bomb squad training instructor, when using a live grenade during a lecture please don’t pull out the safety pin or people will get injured. The dude was teaching other officers how to handle explosive devices when he accidentally pulled the pin and kaboom. Six policemen were injured including himself.

Want sauce with that?


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Oh my, a Filipino man has inadvertently solved his own murder after taking a snap seconds before he was fatally shot. Reynaldo Dagsa, a local councilman, was taking a photo of his family when a man popped into frame as they both shot each other. Unfortunately one was with a bullet. The family, on discovering the traumatic pic, handed it into police who were able to identify the assassin as Michael Gonzales. It is alleged he was seeking revenge after Dagsa helped police in his arrest last year.


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Merry Friggin Christmas

A woman in the Philippines died instantly after her Christmas present exploded. Sheez, the damn pressie contained a friggin bomb. The poor thing was killed on the spot when it kaboomed right in her face as she opened it. Who would do something like that? The present was sent to the family home in Manila.


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And That’s a Wrap

OK, here’s the thing people, when filming a movie which involves an actor dressed up like an assassin make sure you tell the village watchman or that could be a killing. Filipino actor Kirk Abella was wearing a ski mask and holding a toy gun when Eddie Cuizon shot him dead. The Cebu watchman said he was responding to a report about an armed man. Hmm, so how did Cuizon miss all the cameras and¬† film crew¬† surrounding him? Ironically the film was called Going Somewhere.


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Bus Hijack Ends Badly

OK, here’s the thing disgruntled highly decorated ex policeman with a M-16, I don’t think they will give you back your job if you hijack a bus of tourists and threaten to kill them…I’m just saying. Rolando Mendoza, who had been spitting chips over his sacking (drugs and extortion), hijacked a tourist bus in Manila and demanded his job back. Unfair dismissals can be a bitch. Anywho, last night the police stormed the bus and¬† it didn’t go all that well. Eight tourists ended up dead after the hijacker panicked and sprayed bullets inside the bus.¬† Questions are now being raised about the competence of the Philippine’s SWAT team after they hesitated in¬† shooting the gunmen when they had a chance. Hmm, it didn’t help that the whole saga was being beamed live into people’s living rooms. A sad and tragic end.

Footage of SWAT team attempting to end siege….OK, not that competent!


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Male Order Maid

Fooled you!

Well blow me down with a feather, a Saudi family are still shaking their heads in bewilderment after they discovered their Filipino maid of seven months was actually a male.It was only after he/she decided to return to the Philippines and handed over his/her passport did they realize they had been duped.


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