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Who’s a Naughty Pig Then?

I didn’t mean it!!!

Oh my, when Kiwi Phillip Russell found his wife’s pet pig had damaged his power saw, he went ballistic. He stormed off, found the missus,  spat at her , then  hurled an ostrich egg at her chest which she failed to catch. The thing was, her friggin pet pig had been reaping havoc in the community, damaging not only the neighbor’s property but the council’s too. And this was despite his numerous attempts at getting her to keep the pig under control. Eh bro, that’s like six months jail for assault using an ostrich egg as a weapon.

Psst No, ostrich eggs aren’t common in New Zealand.

2nd Psst In his defense Mr Russell said he thought his wife would catch the egg.

3rd Psst Thanks Fairy Face for the heads up.


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