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Stupid Is As Stupid Does

OMG whoopsie, a Syrian rebel blew himself and his fellow freedom fighters to kingdom come, when he took a selfie with a phone connected to a bomb. Awks.


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Serving Customers 101

To all you business owners out there, can you please teach your staff the friggin basics of business. If I am standing in your shop with cash in my hand and am willing to spend it, do not allow your friggin staff to answer the phone and talk to the person on the other end and leave me standing there , unless that person is going to be spending money immediately . I will simply walk out and take my money with me. It is friggin rude.  Here is what you do, tell the person on the other end to stay on hold or get their number and ring them back. It’s that friggin simple.


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Dumbass Scammer

Well, well, well, scammers are getting a tad more pushier these days as people are wising up to their tricks. Connie Newell knew the moment a man rang her on her cell phone to say she had “won a million bucks but had to send $100 in order to collect” it was a friggin scam. When she told him to forget about it, she wasn’t interested, the dude responded with “Do you want someone to put a bullet in you? We know exactly where you live.” When she hung up the scammer rang her back and told her “You will be killed.” Needless to say she got a block on the bastard’s number. Dumbass. Where would you find a hitman for $100.


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Employ A Friggin Human!

Don’t you just hate those friggin automated computer phone receptionists?


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