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Change For A Million ?

OK,  here’s the thing man from North Carolina, make sure when you are using a fake bill at Walmart, it isn’t a million dollar note because the US mint don’t print such a thing. Hmm, and besides, who has friggin change. Michael Anthony Fuller spent $476 worth of goods before handing over the Walmart cashier the phony $1 million bill, they in turn called the cops and he was promptly arrested.

Psst Note to future forgers, the US mint stop printing anything larger than$100 in 1969.


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That Ain’t No Nun

OK people in Little Italy , New York, that nun you’ve seen every day for a friggin decade. You know the one? Sister Milindia, the Episcopal sister with the metal cup begging for donations for  the poor orphan children of St. Joseph’s. Yeah, her. Well, she ain’t no nun. Every day at quitting time she catches the train, lights up a cig, disrobes in street near Linden Boulevard and becomes Mindy LeGrand, a phony nun who belongs to a church founded by a killer rapist.So no, that money you put in the tin ain’t going friggin anywhere, except in her pocket.

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Nice Little Pickle

You know what I hate? When a LSD laced gherkin doesn’t cure blindness. I really hate that. An unemployed German hairdresser and wannabe mystic Patrick Baecker has been jailed for fraud after Axel Pfeffer paid him $30,000 to make him see again. Baecker was hoping the hallucinogenic drugs he placed in the gherkins would induce visions. Nope! Instead it got him 8 months in jail and a scolding by the judge “You are a hairdresser, not a shaman.” Ouch!


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