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Somebody’s Son

It wasn’t hard for Illinois police to identify a photo booth thief after the machine took his snap while he was stealing the cash drawer. Yep, it is designed to automatically take photos when anyone attempts to jimmy the cash drawer. Well , at least he will have a memento of his crime.


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Holy Grail of Western Americana

You go to an antique store and you see a 1870s tintype photo you quite like, so you hand over your two bucks and head off home. Later as you carefully scour your purchase and think…sheez, those people in the photo could be… nah….. could they? Well, they were. The $2 photo shows Billy the Kid and members of his gang playing croquet at a friend’s wedding. The $2 photo is now estimated to be worth $5 million and is considered to be the “Holy Grail of Western Americana”.

PSST I’m wondering if that was his favourite cardy?

Want source with that?


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Bwahahahahahaaha, check your reflection before snapping away …just saying.



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Ebay Yellow Dress Fail

Note to self, when putting a photo up on eBay, make sure you don’t accidentally appear in the photo naked!!!! Oh dear, this poor British blonde has become an internet sensation after posting a photo of her yellow skater dress on eBay. Awkward doesn’t seem to cut it.

Blonde girl accidentally appears naked on ebay



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Kim Jong Um Photo Op

Gathering by this family’s expression they weren’t expecting Supreme Leader to drop in for a photo.

Kim Jong Um photo op with terrified family


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The Pitfalls Of Facebook

Note to self, never post a big wad of cash on Facebook.  A 17 year old girl in Sydney, who was helping her granny count a big pile of cash she had stashed, decided to post a photo of it on Facebook. Enter big bad wolves. Two men, armed with a knife and a wooden club, stormed the teen’s parent’s home that very night demanding the cash. Problem? The teenager didn’t live there and neither did granny. Unfortunately, for the parents they did and had to deal with the thugs. Fail.

Psst Sheez, I hope she friggin  defriend the bastards!!!


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Check Your Phone I Sent You Something

Definition of crazy? When a New York man digs up a woman’s dead pet chinchilla and then sends her pictures of it to her cell phone. The guy is currently in a hospital psychiatric ward waiting evaluation.

Want sauce with that?


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Battle of the Bulge

OMG, when your name’s “Weiner” surely you would admit straight away that the bulging undies photo on Twitter was yours. Oh but no, it seems Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner was a tad shy in fessing up that he accidentally sent the photo of his undies and bulging penis to his Twitter account instead of  directly a young woman. I guess because he was worried his wife and family might be peeved, embarrassed, shocked etc. Anywho he’s not resigning.


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Too Easy


OK here’s the thing mister Detroit  bank robber, make sure when you are robbing a bank you don’t wear the same clothes as your Facebook profile or you are gonna get caught. Some friggin tipster dobbed Anthony Wilson in after noticing the similarities between what he was wearing in the stick up shots and  his Facebook photos. Seriously, I would defriend the snitch !


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Prince William Peeing

Oh for crying out loud people, the minute Prince William announces his marriage, everyfrigginone is searching for a photo of Willie’s family jewels. What is wrong with you people? Anywho,  YES,  my “Prince William Naked” post (from last year) has hit pay dirt. So if you missed out the first time click here “Prince William’s Willie” to see what Kate’s all smiles about. Don’t click if you are easily offended….I did warn you!


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