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Handicap Parking App

Park illegally in handicap parking bays do you? Hmm, well you might want to think again if you live in Austin, Texas because it won’t be long before a public vigilante group will be able to use their Smartphone to dob in handicap parking cheats. Yep, residents will soon be allowed to take a series of photos, proving a violation, and then send the images to the council via an iPhone app so they can issue a parking ticket. You should never mess with the handicap!


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Oh my, a Filipino man has inadvertently solved his own murder after taking a snap seconds before he was fatally shot. Reynaldo Dagsa, a local councilman, was taking a photo of his family when a man popped into frame as they both shot each other. Unfortunately one was with a bullet. The family, on discovering the traumatic pic, handed it into police who were able to identify the assassin as Michael Gonzales. It is alleged he was seeking revenge after Dagsa helped police in his arrest last year.


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Nessie Takes a Holiday

Oh for goodness sakes people, just let it go.  Seems the Loch Ness monster has gone on a little vacation because it’s been sighted  off the coast of Devon. Yes, a sea creature (looking decidedly like Nessie)  was snapped a few meters off the British coast and if the friggin photo was in focus we might actually see something..sheez! Click here for the supposed sea monster. What do you think loons? Hmm, yeah thought so, back to my wine!


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