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Even Ghosts Do It!

Ewh, what’s worse than finding a ghost in your house? Finding two ghosts having sex on your couch! Dianne Carlisle’s 4 year old granddaughter snapped the apparition accidentally while playing  with her gran’s phone.

Psst Hmm, are you sure they are ghosts?


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Probably Not A Good Idea In Hindsight

OK, honey, sweetie, darl, I wouldn’t recommend dressing up like a woman to avoid the press filming you as you leave court, especially if you are a friggin bloke! Martyn Crute, a company director facing charges for trading for 15 months without being registered with a gas safety body, thought he could sneak pasted waiting media without being noticed. Wrong! It was spotted in seconds!

Of course you want to see the photos…click here…you know you want to.


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It Was Bound To Happen

Finally someone is peeved at discovering their  loved one was featured on the website People Of Walmart. Don’t know it? Well where the hell have you been hiding all these years? The site encourages people to snap unflattering photos of bizarre customers who shop at Walmart and then they upload them onto their website so everyone can have a laugh.  Anywho, Melanie Wheeler isn’t laughing, her mom (who was snapped wearing  a coat) was tagged “A member of the Canadian division of the trench coat mafia” and she wants it removed.

Psst Hmm, so how did Melanie discover the photo seeing that her mom had no idea she was being photographed? Was she having a little sticky beak?

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101 Uses For Duct Tape


WTF, a woman in Beatrice, Nebraska has been arrested on child abuse charges after she duct taped, yes duct taped, her 22 month baby to a wall. Jayla Hamm (17) also used a digital camera to take photos of the screaming child as he was being taped to it. Hmm, nice for the awkward family photo album. Ms Hamm also told police she often put the child in an unlit coat closet .


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Is There Something You Aren’t Telling Us?

Darlene Stewart's enlarged UFO photo

Eyebrows are being raised in the small community of Harbour Mille in New Newfoundland after one of the locals snapped a sunset photo and caught what can only be described as a friggin UFO or one of Kim Jong Il’s wayward missiles. Darlene Stewart says she couldn’t really see what the fiery object was in the viewfinder but when she blew it up on her computer…well!!!! Ms Stewart said it appeared to come out of the ocean but so far no one is coming forward to lay claim. Hmm, maybe Sarah Palin is trying out her new moose shooting high caliber rifle?

Psst Dear god, lets hope it wasn’t another Lionel the lobster doing renovations in an old bomb!


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