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Birth Discrimination Anyone?

A pregnant woman who wanted a photographer to take photos of her having a baby via c-section got this interesting reply. Kinda ouch on so many levels.



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OK, here’s the thing French amateur photographer, when sneaking into a railway yard to shoot soft porn on top of a freight train with a young model, make sure there aren’t any power lines or things that go zap. The poor guy got the shock of his life when he climbed onto a roof of a train. He’s now in a major burns unit with burns to over 50% of his body and serious legions.

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Early To Bed, Early To Wake

That way you have to say nice things!

An impatient 96 year old man from Oregon decided to host his own wake prior to his death. Hell, why miss the festivities! Hugh Ackroyd, who doesn’t like to miss out on much, greeted his family and friends in his padded wheelchair as they arrived for the premature event. Hmm, one of the wreaths bore a ribbon reading “Eventually, Hugh, rest in peace.”


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