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FBI Release Bombers of Interest

After days of speculation the FBI have released photos of two guys they suspect are behind the Boston Marathon bombing. It is believed the man in the white cap was captured on CCTV placing the backpack at location 2.

FBI release photos of Boston Martathon bomber suspects



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When Harry Met Strip Billards

Oh boy, granny won’t be happy. Seems Prince Harry’s been flaunting his Royal jewels around Las Vegas. Obviously what happens in Vegas stays on TMZ. For crying out loud Harry, you could have at least moved your hands a little so we could get a squiz!!!!

Psst Wanna see….click here to TMZ


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The Ultimate Defriending

Tribal council have spoken!

OK, here’s the thing Portland nurse, posting photos of a dying patient’s buttocks on your Facebook page and then making derogatory comments about them will result in a) Being fired from your job b) spending 8 days in jail c) prohibited from having a nursing license in the US  d) being banned from Facebook and other social media sites or  e) all of the above.


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The Photos You Don’t Want To See

Oh my, if you have ever seen a gyno  in the town of Schifferstadt in Germany, you may not like what you are about to read. A 56 year old  gynecologist has been arrested after taking photos of about 3,000 women’s “you know whats”, without their knowledge. Egads, that’s some collection. Police have seized about 35,000 awkwardly embarrassing photos of his naked patients. So far 700 victims have come forward. Sheez, how would you identify your…ah never mind. The sick doc is now facing a year in jail, while the women face a lifetime of embarrassment.

Psst Pity the fool who has to sort out the doctors collection.


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There Is Nothing Funnier Than Fear

The scariest Haunted House in the world has become an internet hit after they began posting photos of victims of boo on Flickr. Seriously there is nothing funnier than seeing people scared out of their wits. The Nightmares Fear Factory is in Canada and has an escape clause for those who can’t stand the scare factor,  if it becomes too friggin freaky you just scream “nightmares” and someone will escort you out. So far there have been over 100,000 chickens.

Want a laugh, click here….


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RIP Phoebe Snow

Remember Phoebe Snow the singer of the 70’s and 80’s? Sadly she has passed away at the age of 60 from complications of a stroke yesterday. Best remembered for her hit Poetry Man and Every Night, Snow gave birth to a daughter with severe brain damage in 1975 and stopped touring to take care of her full time.Her daughter wasn’t expected to live beyond childhood but lived until 2007. Snow continued to release albums throughout thr 80’s and 90’s and was planning to go back into the recording studio before her stroke.


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You Could Get Poked

Holy crap insurance fraudsters be careful who you friend on Facebook, they are trolling your pics and convos looking for signs of deceit. You have been warned.


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Jared Loughner Poses In Bright Red G-String

Oh dear.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse….guess what Jared Loughner allegedly did prior to his Tuscon shooting rampage? If you said posed in a red g-string with his gun…bingo! Evidently the day before he went nuts, he toddled off to Walgreens to have them developed. Officials say in some of the photos (which he took in a mirror)  he posed with the Glock 9mm next to his naked butt and in others, next to his crotch. Hmm, I wonder if Palin will be blamed for that too…I’m just saying.

Psst, this is a fake photo but don't tell the Democrats!


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Feud From Hell

Move over “lady throwing cat into a wheelie bin” we have a new winner for Hate Club. Introducing Scott and Jennifer Petkov from Michigan, now deemed the most heartless couple in the US. This despicable hubby and wife team have been taunting the family of a 7 year old who is dying of Huntington’s disease. And when I say “taunting” I mean “friggin taunting”. Firstly, they posted a photograph of the terminally ill schoolgirl, Kathleen Edwards, on Facebook with a set of crossbones. Then they posted a photo of Kathleen’s mom, who also died of the disease last year, in the arms of the grim reaper. Oh no, it gets worse. It is alleged, when the girls mom died, the Petkovs drove their truck, which has “death Machine” written on it and a coffin attached, down the street honking the horn. The feud between the Petkovs and the Edwards has been going now for 2 years. The reason? Because the Petkov kids were not invited to  Kathleen’s birthday party put on by Kathleen’s grandmother Rebecca Rose. Urgh, when Jennifer Petkov was asked why she escalated the feud she said ‘personal satisfaction’ and ‘because it burns Rebecca Rose’s ass raw.’

Psst No guessing who’s going to hell in  handbag!


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Damn Friggin Traditions!

Okie dokie, here’s the thing affectionate father, taking photos of you kissing your 9 month old son on the head, ear and forehead is OK, but also taking photos of you kissing his buttocks and genitals, well that’s gonna get you in trouble. Sergio Diaz-Palomino, who was dobbed into police by a photo-processing employee, claimed the snaps  were simply the way their traditional family photos are taken and were in no way pornographic.Fortunately for Diaz-Palomino the sexual abuse charges were dropped, unfortunately he and his partner will now be deported because they are both illegal immigrants from Mexico. When it rains, it pours.


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