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To Be Or Not To Be

You so much as wink and I'll scream!

You so much as wink and I'll scream!

Ewh, David Tennant has used the skull of a dead pianist in 22 performances of Shakespeare’s Hamlet without the audience knowing. Alas poor Yorick, why? A man of infinite jest maybe? In 1982, when André Tchaíkowsky died he donated his body to science under the proviso that his skull “shall be offered by the institution receiving my body to the Royal Shakespeare Company for use in theatrical performance.”I can just hear it now “hey guys wanna call us if you ever want to use a real skull for any of your productions.” David Howells who is the curator of the Royal Shakespeare Company admitted that in 1989 actor Mark Rylance rehearsed with André’s skull for a while but in the end it just grossed him out. The director of Hamlet, Greg Doran, also admits he deliberately didn’t let on to the public that a real skull was being used in the Yorick scenes because of the media attention it would gain. Hmm, well that didn’t work now did it?

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