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Go Ethan

Get ready to be astounded. Ethan Walmark is 6 years old , has autism and loves Billy Joel ….


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Piano On The Sandbar Finds A Home

OMG, remember that baby grand suck on a sandbar in Florida? Yeah well some musician hired a team to rescue the damn thing. Carl Bentulan said his son pressured him into saving the sorry excuse for a musical instrument, after it was discovered all alone on a sandbar. Ironically the real owners of the piano, the Harrington family, rolled up to retrieve it on the very same day. Snap! Seems threats of massive fines was a great motivator. They told reporters they had placed the former movie prop on the sandbar after it was set alight at a New Year’s Eve Party. Poor friggin thing! Anywho, they were surprised as anyone to discover it was already gone. Meanwhile back at the Bentulan’s house, they say it’s shit and far too gone to ever play music again BUT they plan to make it a decoration in their living room!!!! Really? Maybe in a corner?

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Tinkling The Ivory

I don’t know loons, it seems to be a week for famous piano discoveries. In Massachusetts a psychic has lead diver’s to Babe Ruth’s piano (or what’s left of it) at the bottom of Willis Pond where it was rumored  he had tossed it during one of his infamous parties.Meanwhile the world is abuzz with what could be the discovery of a  piano played by  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Germany. When the 1775  fortepiano built by Christian Baumann came up for auction, a music historian had a sneaky suspicion it was the long lost piano Mozart played during his stays in Strasbourg. If the piano can be  matched to an historical oil painting, well then, hello millions!

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