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Trivia Helmets on Loons

Which artist has the most number of his works stolen?

According to the Art Loss website, that would be Pablo Picasso. Currently there are 1,147 of his paintings registered as stolen, missing or disputed. Next is American artist Nick Lawrence who has 557 stolen works,  third place goes to Marc Chagall, with 516 stolen works ….and so on…. Karel Appel (505), Salvador Dali (505), Loan Miro (478), David Levine (343), Andy Warhol (343), Rembrandt(337) and Peter Reinicke (336). Sheez, keep an eye open at Trash and Treasure!!!

Psst Oh and 40% of these thefts occured in Britain.


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There was as much fun in finding this friggin cow as there was in interrupting people eating to photograph it. Guernicow was designed by artist Jo Taylor for the Margaret River CowParade and can be found mingling with the patrons of Gnarabar.

Jo Taylor – Inspired by Picasso’s habit of moving limbs and adding bits in unusual places, rather than the depiction of the civil war destruction of Guernica.


Picasso inspired

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Oh Clumsy Me

Remember Picasso’s $143 million work called The Actor? Hmm, well it just got a little smaller after a woman lost her balance and put a 15cm vertical tear in it. Whoopsie friggin daisy. The art lover was attending an art class at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art when she tripped right into the masterpiece. Awkward. Hmm, no word on whether she finished her lesson.


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