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Frequent Flyer?

The boss of the flying kangaroo got a flying lemon meringue in the kisser during a Leadership conference in Perth. Alan Joyce, the head of Qantas, didn’t see this coming. The culprit is a religious man who hid for hours to unleash his fury at corporations making comments about marriage equality.    Needless to say he is in the doghouse, especially with his wife who had no idea what he was up to.

PSST: Alan Joyce is openly gay

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Once Were Pie Eater

OK people, never ever get between a Kiwi and his pie. A man who allegedly stabbed his stepson in the neck with a knife refused to drop his pie when approached by police. Then when he was told the victim hadn’t died he responded with “Oh fuck, waste of fucking time, wasn’t it?”. As he was being lead away he asked a cop whether he could pick up his pie “My pie’s sitting on the ground. I just paid for that.”

Psst Safer communities together….

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Always Blow On The Pie

You must always blow on your pie people, they could be thermo nuclear. Sheez, thank god for New Zealand cops, safer communities together ah! When Sergeant Baldwin pulled the piss on a teen crim, little did he know he would become a friggin internet celebrity. Footage of him telling a young offender, who said he was just going to buy food at the local gas station, he must “always blow on the pie”  followed by the long-standing New Zealand Police slogan “Safer communities together” has become a hit. So popular, you can buy yourself a “always blow on the pie” t-shirt!


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